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Know rosza style and decline in studio system and what happens to composition after. New avenues musically

Nab tv market,

One way was historical epics.


Ro's 3 genres know them

One is fair tale, epic, film noir.


What does rox do to approach epic film

1 Themes can be long,
2. Groups and families of themes.
Including, roman, judean, suffering themes. Suffering and divine
Ester, Ben hur examples last class.
3. Interaction bw themes.
4. Set pieces, spectacle
5. Character transformation
6. Large range musical dramatic processes, changing shifting of themes.
All Has interpretive meaning
Could be intervals, motives, rhythmic.


Leitmotiv ic structure
Now looking at exposition, juda and massala reunited

Hear specially brother love friendship theme.
Has heroic rhythm.
Parallel triads,
Underneath special cell rhythm.


Skip to hur and mass schism motif change

Becomes minor version. Get tritones. Becomes symbol of hate.
Evil massala. Or hate. P5 the minor ascent,


Ester scene, her theme

Long brOd, fill long time.
A and b sections, judean family of themes.

CN contrast roman judean and masculine and feminine (ester theme) hetero love theme.

Triplet quarter trial and tribulatns motive.


March in desert

All tritones

Listen for that triplet quarter mot ie I guess.
Rising chromatically in music.
Twisted Ben hur theme, also chromTicized. Jatredized.
Suffering gestures too.

Divinity w/o face. Moment of hope.
Lydian mode has tritone in Christ theme, and smooths out,
Suffering theme transformed.

Tension to release. Stinger to triad.

Levels of resolution, are many,
Bestowing water? Raindrops. Association with water.
Timbre change as well. Harsh brass to harp and strings,

Rowing galley music uses roman theme. Repetitive work theme.
Strong rhythmic connection in friendship.


More about rowing galley music.

Set piece,
Ex. Parade before chariot race.


Leper scene

Horrible sounds, almost all stingers, and has the triplet quarter motive.


Set piece chariot race parade.

Massala theme heard. March like military,
Then Ben hur theme dotted rhythm


Epic scale, cross steps. Canvas epic,

Similarity to galley music,
Dissonances similar to leper chords. Dissonant.

More spectacle, own form. Featured passage of music along with spectacle. Jump to different characters.


Healing music

Ben hur and Christ theme,
Almost as if in his mind,

Get ester and Christ music and they are also parallel triads. Brotherly love.


What happens in. 20th c changes in music

Collapse studies rise of epic genre.
New way is to fill canvas, with larger form. And lavishness.