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Why so long to start studying film?

Bias against popular genres.
Music is subordinate in multimedia
Practical issues of how do you study, access to documents.
$$$, commerce
How do film composers compose? Collaborative setting


Beneath twelve mile wraeth, Herman listening. 1950
Jerry goldsmith, 1960 high modernist
Ed wood,



Soundtrack incorporates

Sound effects and dialogue
Privilege ear over eye.


Silent film

Live music, misleading name.
1895-1927 (Rick Altman, great reference)
1890 experiments

Cine kinetics, graphs movement,
Writing in movement, from writing with light (photography.)
-Kinetoscope, Edison
--novelty is machine.

France, les frere lumiere
-- cinematographe
Arrival of train film.
Special premiere, exciting to view new technology.

Bio scope, in Germany.

All want patents,


Earliest business, small firms, exhibit, urban working clSs audience would go where, like kids coin toys.
Another way?

Travelling show. Variety show spectacle.
Music would be part of it. Esp in theatre


precursors of film

Theatrical voice piano etc.
Optical : not live but mechanical

Ex. Magic lantern, spin slides, lightbulb.
Shadow plays, slide lecture
All add music.


3 types of music

mostly live
Sometimes, phonograph or synchronized sound.
Type and match imp.

1. Standard light background music, no correspondence
2. Compilation of classical and pop, stock emotional responses/meaning, more corresponding, ex. Lullaby very general
3. Commissioned original score, (RARE) could be closely corresponded.


Cultural aspect that create shift to silent film

More production, greater demande, start of film theaters.
Near nickelodeon set up, with pianist.
Industrial mass production,
Move towards stories, something ppl can identify with more! Narrative 1910. Film industry established, fewer smLl independant companies. attractions to stories. Variety towards feature exhibition, itself, short to long viewing


Instruments used.

Pianos extensive. Organs, sometimes complex. Dj type thing, phonoaph but not as common. Percussion, maybe noise maker too.
Fats Waller, Carl starling bugs bunny tunes guy, did piano.
Some cities had high end, "palace" exotic neoclassical. Architecture. Dedicated to film expends. Later silent era. More money involved. Critics, professionals etc. better accompaniment, puns title, sad title happy music played. Led to standardization of music accomp. Led to cue sheets. Anthologies,


Rappe example

Anthology, 1924
Oh neat can flip to the right mood.
Most famous anthologies,
Fox movies made Sam fox.
Bocce, kinobibliotec.

Rappe ernaud


See trends review sheet, great resource from first class summary

Ok looked at? ...


Two ways film makers standardized music

Like Sam fox or Rappe motion picture moods

Cue sheets,
In this period for musicians, different later on.

Late period leads to commissioned scores


How to make music the right fit for the film. Standardize 4 ways.
Late period standardize film music treatment. Imp.

1. Continuous music
2. General kind of correspondence with mood of story
3. Selective times when you catch sounds, selective diagetic (narrative, digesis) fidelity
4. Motives, from opera, communicates and unify's leitmotive


Historically important scores, see handout!

Saint Saenz, assassination of the duke, first original film score that still exists.
First famous score 1915, breil


Theif of Bandad live music example.



Birth of a nation huge risk
By dw griffiths

Large budget for composed music.
Racist movie.
Technical film. Editing , distance, continuity sense
camera work, editing technique and many perspectives. Imp.
Content, darn civil war

Based on novel, clansman,

2$ a ticket huge success, due to music ppl said.


B nation score

Continuous three hours long. Match complicated story.
Powerful, well I tested, corresponded nicely.

1. Compilation score,
2. Create original score, breil,
Only had six weeks
Therefore not all original,
List in reading of precomposed music used,

60 pice orchestra went on tour.

Major achievement in. Compilation score.
Unified leitmotives, thinking like overa. Grandiose or simple flowing

Not first original score, but first FAMOUS movie score. For power and ambition inspired long original scores.


Transitional films
City lights Chaplin 1931. Continuing mold even into the new era.

Takes credit for music, but often collaborates, that is chaplin does. Good diagetic example of people talking. Uhhh,z actuLly mYbe not fuzzy, instruments ok. Agitato opening. Can be ambiguous, but clear selective diagetic.