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Wax an reading

lol fee help,
Won oscars.
Sunset boulevard, no fugal component unsure of extraneous form, but meolsic invention sure there. Various themes, monkey, piano, pastiche etc. will talk about in class I am sure.


Wax man bride of Frankenstein 1935

First American score,
Not before, had direct experience with nazi clash.

Started at universal, as head. High ranking in Germany helped.

Range of experience in studios

Classical community champion, new music, Los Ngeles festival. Foot in both art and film music cReer.

Worked with Hitchcock 4 movies.
One of whitesells favorites, highest echelon, despite time constrains and limitations,
Sophisticated melodic and range of ideas styles. Easy access to scores.


Waxman's general style

Melodic invention gat tunes.
Working with melodic electronic instruments, oned, theremin, at his time. Sound waves and oscillation. Rebeca ex. Novachord


Wax man was brillian at (thought of during spotting) imp.

autonomous musical form integration. As set pieces.
Integrated well.

Ex. Sorry wrong number, climactic scene.
Passacaglia used, final scene
Building architecture in this case suspense.

Fugue in Place in the Sun
Chase scene, ricercar, listen to score for something special.

Bride of Frankenstein (imp. Listening)
Create she monster scene, fantasia
Fantasia, ON ONE NOTE
Integrate score into heart beat film.


Sunset boulevard 1950
Film noir genre

- success joe theme, opportunistic
-love triangle
-dark take of Hollywood, some despised it.

-jiggolo, kept man. Uncomfortable posting, lack of power, gender roles. Role reversal

Exploit atonal rela.
Mental insanity

Visual symbol,
Museum, entrapping past, pathological nostalgia.

DOOM, fate


Film noir genre

Imp. Assuming it is a genre
1. Starts in 40's somber tone in set design, lighting tone
Pessimistic and cynical protagonists.
Motives, moral failing. Pessimism human psychology.
Set in underworld crime and corruption,
A lot of shadows, motifs of shadows, dingy shabby realism.

Common character type, women with gun knife, lure, cillain faune fatale

Loose cluster of ideas, really like crime gangster, French distinguish this genre, in Hollywood trade industry.


3 issues to keep in mind, how music supports explores different themes

1. REALITY. What kind of realty are we dealing with.
Cue illusion, delusion.

2. Transforamation? In character, trajectory, change in character

3. Power dynamics


Music motifs in sunset boulevard.

Joe, minor jaunty triads on piano!
Norma, slow bassoon, fantasy, majestic, with faune noire undertone modal, tango, Phrygian mode. Tango Spanish music link. Exotic creatures.
Betty's theme, love theme, oboe, even slower and almost do re mi re Old paramount news reels, turned into romantic waltz, quoting tune from past. Not consumed by illusion. Polarity.
Joe, trying to HUSTLE opportunity,
Max, rhythmic old fashioned theme, fanfare


Wax man is like

Steiner due to his range of styles


Opening theme sounds like

Fateful, doom music.
Hustle fate sound first heard, Norma's not exotic version, Gershwin sound. Agitated cause music.
Free arson, pool joes theme

Music cues reality when entering mansion


Joes stuff moving into room hear joes theme,
Transformed,pov thoughts, setting

Dissonant,dream like music, when wakes up.
Inernalize into reality, non-diegetic transitions into diegetic. Ex. Of

Sound dissolve.


Audio dissolve

One kind of music fades out another fades in, transition between diegetic and non diegetic or vice versa. Different statuses of music dissolved togethor.


Remember hustle motif in sunset boulevard 1950 waxman

Da dum, Da dum. Da duh duh.


Music cue for reality space.
Trajectory, or power
Threads unlock specific meaning and impact of film score,

Sound dissolve scene, diegetic, to non diegetic,
Status from joe to max. Organ grinder chimp, symbolism.
Joe hustle Norma, manipulation starteing. Loss of control.

Joe room flooding, joe theme, move from jaunty to mellow.
Sax from piano, sleek, change, being pulled into kept man. Norma power reality, doom trajectory

New years party. Diegetic war, struggle, who is in control below stinger. Instrumental. Subconscious
Get home, unreal music, waltz scary corruption denial
Joe giving in to sit. Norma

Grum joe, berry theme, during thoughts! Fake reality,
Bi tonal Chaplin strange reality.

Call to be in. Film, rigorous beauty treatment.
Strange things about music, hear Gershwin like, overture link. Irrational. Chase music at this point. Cognitive for shadowing. Odd. Instead piano now violin,

Shit hits fan. Several leitmotifs. Norm finds script.

Independant musical form, dramatic confrontation. Norma on ohone Betty. Fugue on joes theme. Finally try to take control . Wild. Esoteric dramatic
Overture doom music, for joes depart. Aost done flashback.
Space for shots, all leitmotifs. Totally different reality.

Music calls attention to itself. In
Hear jobs theme, when dead, resurrect. This is my life, places of dark. Verbal voice replace by musical voice.


Narrative techniques film noir

Sunset creepiness extra level, recounted by dead man,
Ghost narrative, surreal


Audio disolve remember,

Status of sound transitions from diegetic to non diegetic. Or vice versa. Change of status.


Anempathetic music, indifferent

Is music sensitive to the emotions, or totally different to the scene

Stinger is empathetic,
Sunset, get mansion waltz.

Vertigo, dead body at end. Realistic sound shower, an empathetic shower sound. Subconscious.


Style evolution, 30's romantic symphonic room for eclecticism. Some dissatisfied. Ways ppl explored progressive idea.
Today Copland style of modernism.

Ballet style folkish Americana, restrained simplifies.


Before Copland

Virgil Thompson.
Not in feature film, influential through Poland, sleek style.
Worked on documentary film, sponsored by gov. Plow that broke the plaines. Dust bowl. Drought. 1936
1937, the river. Progressive music


Copland also hired for documentary first one 1900-90)

The city 1939
Credential film composer, noticed by Hollywood, had limited career.
Started in late 30,s
Steinbeck story of mice and men "our town. " Americana, it's a wonderful life like.

Came in with prestige.
Own orchestration!
Ballet, appellation spring, bare chamber sound, brought to film. Very fresh vitality simplicity cleared excess and natnalistic.

Specific musical characteristics:
Diatonic harmonies, open, triadic,primal simple,
Sometimes, disjunction melodies. Parallel chordal professions. P. 482 for more qualities. Pedal tones etc. PASTORAL Americana
Imp. Lack of industrialization.


1949 The Heiress

Score got oscar,
In ny, older nostalgic.

Opens up aesthetic possibilities. fits character. Suddle delicate music, only at second kiss, restrained fresh.

Studio when score done, screwed it up, wrecked it. Add pop tunes. Soured Hollywood attitude.

Note: p. 482 American qualities p. 506. Symbolic assocItion accrued overtime to Americana

Loose out connotation possibilities self sacrifice, collective, individual goals, rural.


score of symbolic qualities possibilities of re growing americanA rich.

Hugo friedhoffer 1908-81
Not as big, San Fran guy, arranger morngold and Steiner, lower rank, big break at some point.
The best years of our lives. 1946
Title music, derived from Copland.
New beginning, emotional connotations attached to Americana trope.
Enoble emotions

Note score in readings.
Schematic, new energy life. Conect simplicity of hometown
Homer scene without hands,