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Back to Chaplin

Some diagetic, with talking,
Then diagetic music.

General correspondence. La vidotea, sells violets, pre existing song. Chaplin uses tune. Shows leitmotif potential, wall to wall music.unusual halts. Note no Latin flavor really but was already there

Then stock mysterioso, matching going down stairs,


Exaggerated Mimicry of "cTching" of actions is called

Mickey mousing


Uses recitative

In hanging attempt

In same scene pun using swNneee river. And "how dry I am"

Note city lights mix of precomposed and new music original and compiled.


Review model

Continuous, correspondence,


What is the technological shift that brings us into the sound era of film.

Check out hand out too but...
Sound synchronization
Edison, kinetophone, wax one too did not catch on. (Sound on recording)
Other inventors and labs were trying too.
-German more viable, tri-ergon" 1919 sound into electronic then light, still use today. Ex. Sound on film, process of sync, or optical soundtrack. Patent in europe
US ones failed, sound quality bD,

What took off?
Western electric and bell labs
Hollywood studios bought it, "Vitaphone"


Production Aspects

A gamble, for warner, it worked, but not smoothly.
Cumbersome, m

Production aspects
Light, framing, and NOISE
Controlling noise
Cameras were noisy, and lights. Build booth! Ex. Used locked in booth. Optical. codes to start stop

No remixing, only DIRECT SOUND,
Need to say "quiet on set." Sometimes orchestra off scene but in recording range. Infrastructure issues,
Stars speaking lost career due to issues,

Used wax records for recording.

New times of day, new sound stage, restriction bc of this.


How did warner roll out Vitaphone tech?

1. Short films, shorts
2. First feature film was Don Juan, not talking picture, music and sound effects only, skip to
3. The jazz singer, where pictures started to talk. First featured film, "Talkie" first talking picture film!
Tech works investment pays of, great response


Al Jolson

Vaudeville celeb, actuallyAsa Yoelson)
Minstrel theatre continuation.
Popular recording artist.


The jazz singer

Uses compilations of tunes,
Some times with Vitaphone to sync sound. AssiomilTion in American society,
Opening song, east side west side all around,
Mediocre, old fashioned, L could belt, had moves
Crusty clown Simpsons spoof.


Implication of tech, esp Vitaphone

Projector difficulties,
Cost prohibitive,
Ore than one sound contraption for continutioy and sound effects.
Rival fox studios, movietone


Tchaikovsky use

Build up, but weird hooch,, as it leads to love theme. Instead gets whipping.


Got sense of jolsons

Stage presence,
Not really jazz, syncopated pop really, ragged up PoP
Improvized dialogue
Haven't heard anything yet. ""
Wow whistling.


Vitaphone, sound on disk,
First successful tech then movie tone was

Sound on FILM


By 1929

Developed playback potential,
Late 20's many bugs, working out.

What is it like to see al perform, realistic aesthetic, at this time.


New model for early period of sound film, from silent film

1. Strict diagetic fidelity, realistic sound
2. Selective music accomp


Article on diagesis of narration

Audio dissolve term, on screen off screen idea, narrator of music, combine diagetic sounds with non diabetics, or dissolve into or from, confounded by level of narration. Quite emotional and Intersting


Sound on disk
Sound on film

Which film, type was first to be profitable
Sound on disk,
Though later sound on film won out


By 1929, silent films stop,
Charlie Chaplin slight exception

1928 40% the theaters accomadate sound! early 30's
And of course orchestras get laid off, :(


Film musicals started

Jazz singer marks start, after 1927, though musicals profitable.
100 put in production at same time, copycats. In following year and a half.
Changed infrastrucre and personal, and looked at publishing industry for music./composers. Pop vocal music imp.
Music performances and talent combined. Bought publishing firms


Early musical at least gave

Musicians who were laid off more work!


Audience got ___ of musicals

Tired, petered out I by 1919, picked nup in 1933, hence 42nd street.


Why 1933 revival

Bugs worked out, editing possible, camera work better, fidelity of sound


42nd street

Success, overcome technical limitation, innovative, successful
Warner brothers, dance director is busby Berkeley - famous
Kalaidascopic uniqueness spectacular human body -- > shapes forms.

Aside, transitional period, Vitaphone, wax disk to sound on film, uncertain. Only time tech is an issue


Dukas and warren, musicians in 42nd street.

Salvatore guarnya
A trees ruby Keller, married to Al Jolson. Hoofing and tap dancing.
Myth of hype about show biz, a star is born Cinderella story. Like jazz singer. Hyping up New York live theatre inserting cross.


Each studio had own aesthetic

Warner was gritty


Assignment review of 42nd street

Lots of diagetic,
But non diagetic with lovers, pep talk,
Lots of empty space. Backstage musical.


Note diagetic switch around between Silents and musicals

In musicals diagetic most important, for realistic eft,
Therefore selective use of non diagetic.

Source on off screen,
Too loud or soft, volume.


Habit love scene

Love is like drugs, metaphor of song,
Leitmotif of these characters.
Function, mood, formal, narrative progression, connect with a ton.


Dramatic rhythm means pacing in storyline so for z42nd street

Get impatient to see the numbers only get teasers, except habit, then there is the climax.


Music is new ion 42nsd street

True, du been and warren composed. All ne pop music. No preexisting .
IntegrAtion tension between narrative and performance. Alternation.
Dramatic progress of more music over time as you get into it.


Diagetic space (distinct from sound) kaleidascope

Fantasy at end, large elastic space, camera moves, instaneously. No longer in audience. Realism vs fantasy dichotomy.


42nd street final number shows

Post synchronization, recording things seperatly.
Playback. Mixing seperate tracks involved in production,
Editing discontinuous.


3 areas of film production terms (not sound)

1. Mise en scene: choose and set up before filming, put in front of camera.
Sets, design, color, costumes, physical, acting style and lighting too.
2. Process shot: how t
3. Framing: how you choose to photograph miss en scene.
4. Editing


Level of framing

Usually straight, tilted is when it gets interesting.


Tracking shot

Rolling along


Pan shot
Part of mobile frame

Panorama not up or down, that is a tilt.