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Stylistic variation in Hollywood film scores,

Progressive modern, coplan pared down,

Now onto Bernard Herman,


Bernard Herman

East side of New York,
Interesting training, strong experimental scene, ultramodern.
Open minded individualistic, not interested in conventions, prefers to branch out,

Charles Ives. Found music, score,
Different idea of the work, not a polished idea of musicL creation,

Of ca ores. Wow, Percy granger another bizarre, person.
Friends with Copland,

1933- radio job! CBS
Conducted arranged music, composed, incidental music radio theatre, young new innovation. Dramatic declamation, bring to life imagine. LITTLE CUE pictorial vivid, effects
Freedom to hire whoever he wanted for instrumentalists. Genius at special musical effects. Ex. Read. Connection to Prokofiev studio recording, saws hammer nails used too. Fitting radio apprenticeship, dramatic, experiment, studio recording, all working fast! Intense passé about art.
Perfectionist, could be rude, lose friends,


Bernard meet orson Welles

Another maverick, work in radio, war of worlds, Martians landed thought true. Welles brings along Herman
First project CITIZEN KING
Atypical autonomy, not monitored. Composer likewise,
Imp. Herman orchestrate own music, central to own idea, needed more time though, got it! Connection tokorngold in time need. Choosiness.

Interested in cinematic sound, touch of evil will look at soon.

Marks beginning of Hollywood Carrie, 1941, citizen king, distinguished film career.


Herman did not like

Hollywood, too picky, chFed at limitations, but loved writing for film, artistically rewarding, did not like the scene.


Herman cont.

Moved to London late in cReer, heart was in conducting, unsuccessful.
Welles, led to work at FOX
Number of films,standard.

Notable passage worked with Hitchcock, peak years! Does 8 movies, all time well known vertigo, psycho, the birds.

Two auteur


Hitchcock and Herman

Auteur, original style, in film and music combined, 8 films, 1955-65

Next gen of film makers, all called Herman up for their films, for classic style, scorseze film taxi driver last score Herman wrote,

Bipolar, arranging, manic depressive? Or choral color.

Collaborative, romantic strain modernist too. Eclectic composer when needed, like Steiner.


Herman's style, known for.

1. Colour, inventive orchestration (orchestral imagination)
2. Non functional Harmonic sense, move away from fun tonal tonality, therefore
3. Formal CELLS, modular construction


Journey to the centre of the earth ex. 1959

Low register,, brass wododwind,s and organ, NO STRINGS.
ORCHESTRA, imagination and nonftional harmony shown.
See different colors too.


1951, the day the earth stood still

About alien space ship lands Washington
Science fiction, orchestration:
No strings or woodwinds. So unique, theremin too. Sparkling,eeriness,

Like Strauss, primordial sound.

Cadence: major chords, tritone apart. Non tonal.


Beneath the twelve mile reef, 1953

Ocean adventure.
9 harps!

Romantic yet with. New sound,

Amazing score to poor movie,


Torn curtain Hitchcock movie, fires Herman due to wanted pop music oriented score.

Somets no strings sometimes only strings in herms music depending on conception.


7th voyage of simbad 19(58

Regally hear the cells, starange harmonic progressions,opening tritone one,


Steiner like chameleon, not necessarily know it's him but, but Herman

Keeps stamp, know it's him.


Vertigo, 1958

Think of the cells, in film score.
Two note, step down, melodic
Oscillating arpeggios contrary motion, textural spinning.
Harmonic, minor major seventh, chord, note: psycho chord
Special timbres,

Love tune built out of cell, plunge down deep,
Pictorial, dizziness, abyss,

Cell scan hue complex, rhythmic, textural, melodic,etc.
makes things easy to edits


Herman film scoring like a

Mosaic, compressed, gooshy when needed.


RomNtic ex of Herman,

1945 the hangover square
London, milder mystery of insane composer. Climax piano concerto recovered memory, dark side of romNtic music, demonic.

Romantic comedy, ghost story,
Intimate innocent, love death thing.
Death scene. Note no cells, spinning out beautiful length, leads to pictorial l freedom emotion.