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Moving to revival on romantic score,
Eg. John Williams. New Hollywood do SHATS reading!

Dining aspects of the period.


Defining aspects of the period. After studio era.
First a review:
In past had guaranteed market, low budget movies churned out. "Programmers" = money makers b movies! leads to money for a prestige film. Studio then collapses by 1950 no guaranteed market. Competition stiffer! Different sub audiences. Trend to pursue HIT (more risk involved) pop muix. Part of this. Climax in mid 70's leads to

Blockbuster! New Hollywood, means calculated blockbuster.
Revival romantic style.
John Williams (1932-)

So post-studio to blockbuster.
Cheap movies numerous, to few high cost movies.


ChArateristic of a blockbuster, starts mid-70's

High cost
High technology
High speed

Akin to a thrill ride. Less complex narrative potentially. And
More ENTERTAINMENT machines! Used to develop other commodities. Tie-in

Furthered by franchises! Sequels.
Front loaded marketing blitz,
Stars, star directors,

Review the reading on this!


Movie marking begging of blockbuster

Jaws (1975)

Cost 8.5 million, brought in 130million.
Timed for summe exhibition,

Initiating model of carefully timed and modulated release daTe imp. COmmerecialist too.

Leads to generation that Spielberg was part of
"Movie brat" generation.

Film school homecoming literate, not a trade person, but more literate, shoal rarely. George Lucas and Martin scorsezie too.


Movie brats

University trained
Versed in stock gambits of Hollywood.
Leads to 'genre pastiche' (remake film noire) raiders is a good example

Skillful ability to streamline effects for a sure fire repsonse. Formulaic ways. Manipulation

Generalized effects for Broad appeal. Conservative values a must.

Leads to
Reduced narrative complexity.

Stand for number of dreMs or nightmares, monster under ocean, treasure, salvation (E.T.)
Multiple meanings for different people.
Now onto music!


Music in block buster:
Two q: how does music contribute to sure fire audience response?
Tie in to silent era.
How does it connect to traditionalism and conservatism
One way is just style, revival of symphonic romantic score, or uphold or support conservative values.



John Williams, little younge than Mancini.
New Yorker, (1932)

Juilliard and jazz piano training. End of studio collapse, had to work his way up!

Did tv, in 60 started film. big break, posedin adventure. Then JAWS.
BEGINNING COLLABORATION with Spielbeg, most prolific collaboration.
26 films togethor.
Also did last Hitchcock film.

Total example of blockbuster film. Jurassic park

Star composer.

Studio player, related to like max Steiner. Reliability hard work over originality, derivative things, versatility and dict audience response, DAR

AssociTed return of symphonic scor,
Rerelease a of Steiner scores happen in 70's note.


Examples of romantic revival so cores.

Star Wars (1977) princess Lea leitmotif , vs militaristic pageantry. Luke and Lea motif. So note grandiose and lush both there,
Strains: apart from grandiose and lush I guess.
Out of Africa (1985) comp. John Barry (does James Bond! )
Maurice (1987) comp. Richard robbins. Down by fifths and sighs,
Titanic James Horner
Exotic strain
7 years in Tibet composer Williams.
The great train robbery (1978) comp. jerry goldsmith.
Quiet consoling
The Sixth sense (1999) comp. James Newton Howard

Spectrum of intent important to take away.

Still used today, rare in studio system, feeling of old fashioned then not now.


Music used in service of streamlined dar and conservatism.
Eg. Close encounters of the third kind,

Versatility in this film. Strains in film.
Modernist, chase music (Herman connection to cells), romantic music!
Stock assoicTin, and detailed Micky mousing,

Romantic transcendence.

Conservative values underlying though?
Conformist, in some but for this movie. And in this one the is the threat, leads to acceptance, only there to help. Crisis in family. Reinforce gender roles. Escape.
Alien good, critique of patriarchy fizzles out, gender roles and infantilism direstion to story, boyhood. Adventure. For Roy. Eg. Cartoon. When you wish upon a star.