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what is the name of the oblique line on the posterior surface of tibia? What does it delineate

Soleal line
delineates the soleus muscle and popliteus


What is the boundary of anterior compartment of the leg

encircling layer of deep fascia
anterior intermuscular septum
interosseous membrane
tibia and fibula


What are the three muscles of anterior compartment

tibialis anterior
extensor hallucis longus
extensor digitorum longus


what is the insertion of tibialis anterior?

base of the first metatarsal
medial cuneiform

On the medial side of the foot, and almost on the plantar surface


What movement does tibialis anterior produce?

dorsiflexion and inversion


EDL splits into three 3 components on the toes - where do they attach to?

middle component attaches to the base of middle phalanx

Lateral components join together to attach to the base of distal phalanx


What is the name of the small tendon going to base of fifth metatarsal?

fibularis tertius


What does "Timothy has a nastry, dirty toe" stand for

structures, from medial to lateral in the extensor retinaculum

Tibialis anterior, EHL, anterior tibial artery, deep perineal nerve, EDL, fibularis tertius


What is the boundary of the lateral compartment

between anterior and posterior septa, encircling deep fascia, and the fibula


What are the muscles of the lateral compartment

fibularis longus
fibularis brevis


What's the origin and insertion of fibularis longus?

proximal shaft of fibula
to the base of first metatarsal


Which muscle has the same attachment as fibularis longus?

tibialis anterior


Because of the crossing attachment of FL, what is one significant function of fibularis longus?

maintaining the arch of the foot


What are the origin and insertion of fibularis brevis

distal shaft of the fibula, run along with FL, behind the lateral malleolus and insert into base of fifth metatarsal


What is the boundary of superficial, posterior compartment of the leg?

encircling deep fascia
posterior intermuscular septum
transverse intermuscular septum


What are the two main muscles of the superficial, posterior compartment of the leg



What are the origin and insertion of gastrocnemius?

lateral and medial condyles of the femur to the calcaneus


What is the origin and insertion of soleus?

oblique insertion across proximal fibula and tibia, insert into the same tendon as gastrocnemius


There are two other small muscles in the posterior superficial compartment. What are they?

popliteus, from lateral condyle of femur to proximal tibia above soleus attachment

Plantaris, small, degenerating muscle


What is the boundary of the deep, posterior compartment of the leg

tibia + fibula + intermuscular septum, transverse intermuscular septum


What are the muscles of the posterior deep compartment of the leg?

tibialis posterior
flexor digitorum longus
flexor hallucis longus


What are the origin and insertion of tibialis posterior

origin tibia and fibula, across interosseous membrane
insert into mostly the first metatarsa


Why does tibialis posterior need to attach to the same location as tibialis anterior?

so inversion and eversion can be cancelled, and dorsiflexion can occur


Do the muscles of the deep, posterior compartment run medially or laterally across the ankle joint?



What is the insertion of FDL?

split into 4, insert into base of distal phalanx on the plantar surface

crosses superficial to FHL


What does "Tom, Dick and Very Naughty Harry" stand for?

Tibial posterior, FDL, posterior tibial artery, vein and nerve, FHL

anterior to posterior across the medial aspect of the ankle joint, behind the medial malleolus