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What lesion would cause this?

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Traction/tear of upper trunk = Erb Palsy

C5-6 nerve roots


What lesion would cause this?

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Traction/tear of lower trunk = Klumpke palsy



What MS deficit might a pancoast tumor cause?

Compression of lower trunk = atrophy of intrinsic hand muscles, ischemia, and pain

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Same muscles as klumpke palsy


What lesion would cause this?

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Long thoracic nerve

Winged scapula

Axillary node dissection/stab wound


What deficit would this cause?

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Ant dislocation/fx surgical neck of humerus

Axillary nerve

Flattened deltoid, loss of arm abduction > 15˚, LOS over deltoid and lateral arm


Upper trunk compression can hit the musculocutaneous nerve and cause what symptoms?

Loss of forearm flexion/supination

Loss of sensation over lateral forearm


What injury might this cause?

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Radial nerve damage - loss of elbow, wrist and finger extension

Wrist drop

↓ grip strength

LOS posterior arm/forarm, dorsal hand

**also axilla compression - arm over chair, crutches*


What deficit would this cause?

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Supracondylar humerus fx - Median n.

Pope's blessing - can't flex lateral digits

LOS over thenar eminence nad dorsal/palmar aspects of lateral 3.5 fingers 


What might this cause?

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Proximal ulnar nerve lesion - OK gesture 

Can't flex medial two digits

Radial deviation of wrist upon flexion


What might a superficial laceration of the palm lead to?

Laceration of recurrent branch of median nerve

Loss of thenar muscle group - opposition, abduction, & flexion

**No LOS**


Clawing is best seen with ________ lesions.

Distal - present at rest

Can't extend


Injury to the obturator nerve via pelvic surgery leads to what deficits?

↓ Medial thigh sensation

↓ adduction


Injury to the femoral nerve via pelvic fx leads to what deficits?

↓ thigh flexion and leg extension = Quads


Injury to the common peroneal n. leads to what deficits?

Foot drop 

Loss of eversion and dorsiflexion

LOS on dorsum of foot


What might this injury cause?

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Common peroneal/fibular nerve injury = Foot drop

fibular neck fx


Tibial nerve injury can lead to what deficits?

Inability to curl toes & LOS on sole of foot

Proximal = loss of plantarflexion/inversion



The trendelenburg sign/gait

Weakness of side opposite drop to ABduct 

Superior gluteal nerve

Medius and minimus


Difficulty climbing stairs, rising from seated position, and loss of hip extension are indications of what?

Inferior gluteal n. = gluteus maximus

Posterior hip dislocation


A posterior hip dislocation can damage whta two nerves?

Superior gluteal = minimus and medius

Inferor gluteal = maximus 


What nerve runs along the surgical neck of the humerus?

Axillary nerve  - Posterior circumflex artery


What nerve runs along the midshaft of the humerus?

Radial nerve & deep brachial artery


What nerve runs along the distal humerus/cubital fossa?

Median nerve and brachial artery


What nerve is in the the popliteal fossa?

Tibial nerve and popliteal artery


What nerve is posterior to the medial malleolus?

Tibial nerve and Posterior tibial artery