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What are the two layers of fascia

Superficial - subcutaneous, distributes vessels, allow skin mobility, insulation
Deep - separates superficial form deep structures sting snd protective


What kind of epithelial is the skin

Covered in keratinised stratified squamous epithelia


What's in the superficial fascia

Structures in neck surrounded by adipose tissue


What is roughly in the deep fascia

Structures in neck compartmentalised by tubes of deep fascia
These tubes connect the superior mediastinum to the base of the skull
Tuis prevents spread of infection between fascial planes


What are the contents of the superficial fascia

Sensory nerves
Blood vessels - superficial veins
Lymphatic vessels and superficial lymp nodes


What is the cervical plexus composed of

Intertwining of The anterior rami of cervical spinal nerves C2,3,4


What composed the brachial plexus

C5,6,7,8 and T1 anterior rami


Where does the cervical plexus supply sensory innervation to

Think dermatome map
Sensory to skin and fascia of the neck shoulder and face (over angle of mandible )


How does the sensory nerves of the cervical plexus reach the skin and fascia it innervats

From posterior spinal cord
Pierce deep fascia at nerve point coming out from deep of SCM
Into superficial fascia
To skin


What are the named branches of the cervical plexus and which anterior rami make up these branches

Lesser occipital (c2)
Transverse cervical (c2,3)
Greater auricular (c2,3)
Supraclavicular (c3,4)

(Take Good Long Snoozes)


What are platysma muscles and what innervates them

Muscles of facial expression
In the superficial fascia of neck
Supplied by CN 7 fifth branch which is the cervical branch - facial nevre which only supplies muscles of facial expression


Where are the superficial and deep veins found

Superficial in superficial fascia
And deep in deep fascia


Where eventually do superficial veins drain to

Deep internal jugular veins (internal jugular or subclavian vein)


What are the superficial veins of the neck

Right and left
External jugular veins
Anterior Jugular veins
Superficial jugular communicating veins
Facial and retromandibilar combine to form common facial
Also have small posterior auricular which joins with other branch of retromandibilar to form external jugular vein


What are the the distinct layers of deep fascia from superficial to deep

Investing layer
Pretracheal layer
Prevertebral layer including carotid sheaths


Where are the investing and pretracheal and prevertebral layers of deep fascia found

Investing- under superficial later of fascia
Pretracheal - around Trachea, oes and thyroid gland
Prevertebral - surround postural muscle of back and cervical vertebrae and carotid sheaths which have imp structure inside


Describe the investing layer

Surrounds the entire neck under superficial fascia
Encapsulates trapezius and scm and submandibular and parotid glands
Attaches to hyoid bone, lower border of mandible, zygomatic arches, styled process, superior nuchal line


What is scm innervates by

CN 11 spinal accessory nerve sit deep to deep fascia


Describe the pretracheal layer

It's has a visceral organ part (encapsulating the thyroid trachea and oes)
Muscular part (encloses strap muscles)


Describe the prevertebral layer

Encloses postural muscles and cervical vertebrae and right and left carotid sheaths


What are the carotid sheaths

Tubular fascial bandages which connect superior mediastinum to junta foraminae and carotid canals at the base of the skulls
Lie between investing layer and pretracheal and prevertebral
Contain: internal jugular veins, internal carotid artery, gauges nevre and deep cervical lymph nodes


What is buccooharyngeal fascia

Continuous with pretracheal fascia


What's the retropharyngeal space

Between pretracheal and prevertebral fascia


What are the two layer of the skin

Epidermis - inert, waterproof, non vascular
Dermis - dense ct, vascular, lymphatic, inebriated strengthens and nourishes the epithelium