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What are the two sensory nerves that supply the face

Great auricular nerve c2,3
Trigrminal nerve CN 5


What is the great auricular nerve

Combined anterior rami c2,3
Spinal nerve branch
Supply angle of mandible, area under earlobe


What is great trigeminal nerve

Cranial nerve 5
Has 3 divisions


What are the 3 divisions of the trigeminal nerve

Va - ophthalmic - orbit, mid nose and forehead --> sensory
Vb - maxillary - maxilla and anterior temple --> sensory
Vc - mandibular -mandible, mid temple --> sensory and motor


What is the Opthalmic herpes zoster

Shingles reactivation of chicken pox virus
Virus stays in ganglion in dormant state
When re activated = painful itchy blisters in dermatome involving the eye


What are the 5 branches off of the Opthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve

Lacrimal - secreto-motor = tears
Supra orbital - skin forehead out thro supra orbital foramen
Supra trochlear - medial forehead
Infra trochlear- medial eyelid
External nasal - dorsu of nose and medial ayla


What are the3 branches of the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve

Zygomatico-facial - cheek prominence thro zygomaticofacial foramen
Zygomatico-temporal - temple
Infraorbital - extensive mid face through infra orbital foramen


What are the 3 branches of the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve

Auriculo-temporal - mid temple
Long buccal - Buccinator
Mental - chin and lower lip through mentl foramen


How can the trigeminal nerve be clinically tested

Ask or to close eyes and and gently brush cotton wool tip on face
Do this bilaterally


What are the 5 layers of the SCALP

Connective tissue
Lost connective tissue


Which later of the scalp is highly vascularised h

The connective tissue layer under the skin


Which arteries are mostly responsible for the arterial blood supply to the scalp

3 branches of the external carotid artery
- occipital
- posterior auricular
- superficial temporal

2 terminal branches off of the Opthalmic branch of the internal carotid artery
- supra orbital
-supra trochlear


What is an anastamosis

Network of arteries
Cause of excessive bleeding if harmed


What is the aponeurosis

The flat tendinitis layer which connects the frontal is an occipitalis
Aka epicranial aponeurosis


What's the periosteum layer of the scalp

Very thin tissue closely attached to the bone of the skull
Relation to ossification


What is a dermatome

Area of skin innervated by sensory fibres given off of a somatic nerve
T4 supply nipple
T10 supply umbilicus