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What are the great vessels leaving the heart

Superior/inferior vena cava
Arch of aorta
Pulmonary artery


What are the branches form the arch of the aorta

Bracheocephalic trunk
Left common carotid
Left subclavian artery


What are the branches off of the bracheoceohalic trunk

Right common carotid artery
Right subclavian artery


What are the division of the subclavian artery

In relation to scalenus anterior muscle
Medial - 1
Posterior - 2
Lateral - 3 on edge of first rib


What are the 3 branches off of the 1st branch of the subclavian artery medial to the scalenus anterior muscle k

Internal thoracic artery which will give off branches to the intercostal muscles

Vertebral artery which passes through neck and at C6 level will pass into transverse foraminae to get into cranial cav

Thyrocervical which supplies neck and thyroid as it splits again into inferior thyroid artery


What are the parts of the thyroid gland supplied by

Inferior by inferior thyroid artery from the thyrocervical branch from the 3rd division of the subclavian artery

Superior supplied by superior thyroid artery from the internal carotid artery


Where does the bifurcation of the common carotid artery occur

It the laryngeal prominence of the thyroid cartilage


What are the two major arteries supplying the brain

Vertebral artery 2nd division of the subclavian arterymane the internal carotid artery
These form the circle of Willis


What happens when the common carotid bifurcated

Splits into internal and external
Internal stays in carotid sheath and continues up to the cranial cav
Internal carotid also contains the carotid sinus which contains baroreceptors whic monitor blood pressure

External carotid leaves sheath


What nerve innervates the carotid sinus and carotid body

CN 9 Glossopharyngeal


What is the carotid body

Contains the peripheral chemoreceptors and are external to carotid arteries


What are the branches form the external carotid

8 branches
Superior thyroid
Ascending pharyngeal
Posterior auricular
Superficial temporal

(Some Anatomist Like Fries Others Prefer Mashed Spuds)


What does the intralveolar artery supply

Branches to supply the teeth


What makes up the external jugular vein

Posterior division of the retromandibular vein and the posterior auricular


What makes up the common facial and what doe this eventually drain into

The anterior division of the retromandibular vein and the facial vein = common facial
This then Drains into internal jugular


What makes up the retromandibular vein

Superficial temporal


Where does inferior alveolar vein drain into

Maxillary vein


What is the danger triangle

Veins that are superficial in this triangle are thin walled and can carry infection to cranial cavity
This can be done via facial vein as this has no valves so can get to heart also


What is endocarditis and how can it have a dental origin

Infection of the cardiac valves due to bacteria in blood
Dental origin form abcess from perio disease bac into blood