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where does hester send pearl to so she can be alone to talk to chillingworth

sends her to play in the water


what does chillingworth inform hester of

that the magistrates have been considering letting Hester take off the red letter.


what does hester reply to chillingworth saying that she might be relieved of the scarlet letter

Thanks, but no thanks, says Hester. If she were worthy, it would fall away by itself or be transformed into something else. The magistrates don't have the right to order it removed.


chillingworth tells hester that the letter is

fancy and suits her


hester is shocked by chillingworth's

change from a scholary man to a desperate, greedy creature.


who does hester blame for putting the sin in chillingworth's heart



did dimmesdale ever guess that chillingworth was persecuting him



what does hester say about dimmesdale to chillingworth

it would have been better if Dimmesdale had died or been publicly shamed than to have Chillingworth stalking him for seven years.


after hester begs for chillingworth to let up, what does he say

Chillingworth says that Dimmesdale has actually made things worse by forcing Chillingworth to become a vindictive monster.


hester breaks down at the end of chapter 14 and says what

she's had enough of this. she's going to reveal the secret, since her silence has ruined Dimmesdale's life.


what does chillingworth say in response to hester saying she will let out her secret

this makes Chillingworth break out into admiration and wish that she'd met someone who deserved her.


after hester asked for the last time to forgive dimmesdale, what does chillingworth say

No can do. He has no power to forgive. This is his fate, just as it was her fate to commit adultery.


Chillingworth returns to his task of ______ after his talk with hester

gathering herbs


what does hester think as she watches chillingworth pick herbs

Is she imagining the shadow following him? Can such an evil man actually heal anyone? Or will the herbs become poison, because his hatred ruins everything around him?


what does hester declare

Hester declares that she hates chillingworth, even if hatred is a sin.


what does hester get mad over

She can't believe she ever agreed to marry Chillingworth, and she actually gets kind of mad at him for convincing her that she'd be happy with him.


what does hester decide upon

In fact, she decides that he's done more wrong to her than she's done to him.


what has pearl been doing this whole time

dressing up as a mermaid with a seaweed scarf, mantle, headdress, and a seaweed A across her chest


what is pearl's response when she is asked if she knows what the letter means

Yep—and the minister keeps his hand over his heart for the same reason.
Pearl says that she's said everything she knows—but Chillingworth knows a lot more.


what does hester realize about pearl

that pearl is growing into a nice girl, maybe they can be friends


what does hester say to pearl when pearl asks what the letter means and why dimmesdale keeps his hand over his heart

"I wear it for the sake of its gold thread"
there are some things kids should ask.


has hester ever lied about the letter

nope and she can feel the evil creeping in her now


what are the names of chapter 14 and 15

Hester and the Physician
Hester and Pearl

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