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occupation vs. activity vs. task

Occupation = activity that gives meaning and identity; ie: mother

Activity = thing done as part of an occupation; ie: cooking (as a mother)

Task = basic unit of an action/activity; ie: mixing batter (part of cooking)


contrived activities

Made-up activities that my include some of the same skills required for an occupation. Simulates actual activity, helps get client ready. Ex: using doll to practice before tying own shoes.



action for which a person is fit; the ability to perform.


preparatory activities

activities which help the client ready for the purposeful activity; ROM, exercise, strengthening/stretching, etc.


purposeful activity

activity meaningful to client and used during intervention that is goal-directed and typically involves an end product (ie: making a sandwich as part of making lunch).


occupational performance

ability to carry out ADLs and one's occupations that result from interaction among client, context, and activity.


2 Sections of OTPFIII Framework

1. DOMAIN: Outlines profession’s purview and areas in which members have established body of knowledge and expertise (We work in this aspect.).
2. PROCESS: Dynamic occupation and client-centered process used in the delivery of OT services.