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CBOT Minimum Standards for Infection Control

Regulation 4175: OTs must comply with all applicable Standard Precautions. Avoiding spreading infectious agents. Includes:
- Hand hygiene,
- use of PPE,
- respiratory hygiene (cough etiquette),
- client care equipment handling/cleaning.


CBOT 4175 Regulation on handwashing:

• When hands are visibly soiled, hands shall be washed with soap and water for a 20-second scrub and 10- second rinse or an antimicrobial hand wash.
• If hands are not visibly soiled, an acceptable alternative is with an alcohol-based hand rub.



Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Set rules for access to protected health information (PHI). Manages and safeguards information, encourages patient rights. PHI access based on “need to know” and “minimum necessary” principles.


WHO’s 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene

1) Before touching patient
2) Before clean/aseptic procedure
3) After body fluid exposure risk
4) After touching a patient
5) After touching patient surroundings


Standard Precautions Practices (Types)

Infection preventing practices:
• Hand hygiene
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Safe Injection Practices
• Respiratory Hygiene/Cough Etiquette


PPE Types

Gloves: when potentially exposed to blood/substances.
Gowns: Permeable and Impermeable.
Mask/Eye Protection: for mucous membranes of nose, mouth and eyes.


Airborne Precautions

• Ex: TB, Chickenpox, Shingles
• Use Airborne Infection Isolation Room (AIIR), door shut
• Airborne precautions sign posted
• Wear N95


Droplet Precautions

• Ex: Influenza, Bacterial Meningitis, Pertussis
• Private patient room, door shut
• Droplet precautions sign posted
• Wear standard mask with or without face shield


Contact Precautions

• Ex: MRSA, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), C. difficile
• Private patient room, door open
• Contact Precautions sign posted
• Wear gloves and gown