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Aging in place

Trend for older adults to remain in their homes and live independently (or with minimal support). OTs can help with safety, home modification, consultation, community mobility, energy conservation, education and remediation.


Assistive technology

Products, devices or equipment, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that are used to maintain, increase or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.


Evidence-based practice

Basing practice on the best available research evidence. Practitioners use this to show that therapy is beneficial and cost-effective.


Distinct value

Proven value of OT, allowing OTs to provide effective, high-quality and cost-effective services. OT profession conducts research and documentation to support the value of intervention to clients, continuing to promote the profession and show its value.


Emerging areas of practice

• Aging in place
• Driver assessments/training programs
• Community health and wellness
• Needs of children and youth
• Ergonomics consulting
• Tech and assistive-device developing and consulting
• Health and wellness
• Vision


Vision 2025

Emphasizes OT's role in providing culturally responsive and customized services; working collaboratively with clients and w/in systems to produce effective outcomes; conducting evidence-based, client-centered, and cost-effective services; and being influential in changing policies, environments, and complex systems.


CarFit Volunteer Positions

Technician: Assess drivers’ fit and educate on options. OTAs apply online and attend half-day training to be one.

Instructor: Teach techs and event coordinators at training events. Ensure consistency of program.To be one, attend min of 3 events, have management and teaching skills, and knowledge of CarFit policies/procedures.

Event Coordinator: Was previously technician; brings events to community. Host, secure and manage events, train techs, communicate with AAA, AARP, AOTA about events. Must attend a training to be one.