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What is a GPS database?

Electronic memory contain information on airports, nav aids, reporting points, SIDs, STARs, instrument approaches, special use airspace and other relevant information


What is GLONASS?

The Russian segment of GNSS


What does GNSS stand for?

Global navigation satellite system


What does GPS stand for?

Global Positioning system


What is a GPS sensor?

A single GSP unit used for navigation within a FMS


What does NANU stand for?

Notice advisory to NAVSTAR user (GPS NOTAM)


What is the definition of a Primary means navigation system?

Nav system approved for a given operation or phase of flight that must meet accuracy and integrity requirements, but not full availability and continuity requirements


What does RAIM do?

Airborne component of GPS receiver/ processor detects a position error that exceeds the position integrity performance requirements for the TSO for that phase of flight. It give a visual/ aural warning.


What is the definition of Sole means navigation system?

nav system approved for given phase of flight or operation that meets accuracy, integrity, availability and continuity requirements.


What is the definition of supplemental means navigation system?

A nav system that must be used in conjunction with a sole means nav system.


What qualifications must a pilot have to fly using GPS?

-Must have a flight examiner authorise use of specific make and model of GPS receiver and FMS for a GPS instrument approach
-Must have a flight examiner authorise use of specific make and model of GPS receiver and FMS to a standard acceptable to the director


What must happen for an IFR flight to GPS as the primary means navigation system?

-GPS equipment is level 1 on CAA 2129, and has been endorsed for intended operation as primary means
-GPS is operated in accordance with flight manual
-If in NZCC;
=ATO: must have 2 operable sole means systems that aren't GPS
=Not ATO: must have 1 operable sole mans system that is not GPS
-If doing Instrument Approach a RAIM prediction is obtained from onboard receiver or from other organisation.
-Navigation is conducted using a current database, and it is crosschecked for accuracy and reasonableness
-Instrument approaches conducted using approved IA procedures with data base that is current to IA chart
**Take note of RAIM considerations


What are the requirements for an alternate if you are flying IFR with GPS as primary means?

-The alternate must have a published instrument approach procedure using a fully operational RADIO nav aid
-The aircraft is equiped to carry out an instrument approach procedure using that radio nav aid.


What are the requirements for the use of GPS as sole means navigation under IFR?

-No sole means in the NZ FIR (NZZC)
-If in Auckland Oceanic FIR;
=GPS equipment level 1 approved on CAA 2129 and endorsed for intended operation
=Operated in accordance with the flight manual
=Operate en-route
-using current GPS data base with respect to en-route charts applicable
-crosschecking is done to check for reasonableness and accuracy
=If RAI M warning for 10 minutes, notify ATS, if DR mode for one minute notify ATS


What are the requirement for an IFR flight using GPS as supplemental means nav system?

-It is not permitted unless it meets the requirements for primary or sole means navigation
-Its information can only be used to provide supplementary information.


When using GPS distance what must you ensure?

-If RAIM waring for previous 10 minutes, GPS distance is not used
-State "GPS distance" when using distance relative to a reporting point.
-When using on an ILS/DME or LOC/DME, that coordinates used are of the DME in current published instrument approach charts AND current DME coordinates are permanently stored in the GPS database


What is the minimum flight altitude for flights operating with sole or primary means GPS under IFR?

-Altitude assigned in appropriate ATC clearance
-Lowest selected altitude form IFR cruising levels that is above the highest of the following:
=Route MSA
=Limiting crossing altitude
=Upper limit of VHZ, danger area, military operating area or restricted area that affected the route.


What are the requirements to fly IFR using sole/ primary means GPS on unevaluated routes?

-Above FL160 if within 20nm of Mt Cook
-Above FL150 away form Mt Cook
-Must be with ATC permission
-May be below FL150 if cleared by ATC and they continuously radar monitor the flight for terrain clearance


What must a pilot do when the file an IFR flight plan with GPS as sole or primary means nav system?

Use the letter G in block 10 (nav system), and not do so unless this subpart is complied with.


What must you do if you get a RAIM warning or go into DR mode?

-If RAIM warning for 10 minutes or DR for one minute
=advise ATS
=Verify position every 10 minutes using other IFR approved nav system
=Not commence instrument approach with RAIM warning