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Accelerate stop distance

Length of take off run available plus any available stopway


Adequate aerodrome

Aerodrome that is suitable for the aircraft to divert to, it has category 4 or higher firefighting abilities with 30 minutes prior notice and meets the requirements prescribed in part 121


Approach control

ATS for the arriving and departing aircraft


Area navigation

Method of navigation that permits aircraft operation on any desired flight path within the coverage of ground or spaced based navigation methods, or within the limits of self contained navigation systems, or a combination


Augmented crew

Crew on an aeroplane that is compromised of more than the minimum crew required by the certification


CAT II precision approach

Precision instrument approach with decision height between 100-200 feet and a runway visual range of not less than 300 meters


CAT III A vs. CAT III B vs. CAT IIIC precision approaches

A: Minimum decision height = 0ft - 100ft, Minimum RVR= 175m

B: minimum decision height = 0ft - 50ft, minimum RVR= 50m- 175m

C: no minimum decision height or RVR


Contaminated runway

25% of runway surface area in the required landing distance is covered by surface water, slush or loses snow more than 3mm in depth, or there is any ice on the runway


Decision altitude

Height AMSL on an instrument approach that a missed approach must be conducted if visual reference has not been established


Decision height

The height AGL that a missed approach must be commenced on an instrument approach if visual reference has not been established


Escorted passenger

Passengers requiring the personal attendance of an escort during an ATO


Instrument approach procedure

A series of predetermined manoeuvres by reference to the flight instruments with specified protection from obstacles from the initial approach fix, start of the arrival route to a point where landing can be completed; or if landing cannot be completed continue to a holding position.


Instrument flight

Aircraft is piloted with sole reference to the instruments, without external reference points


Instrument time

Instrument flight time plus any time that a pilot is practicing simulated instrument flight on an approved mechanical device


Mach number

Ratio of airspeed to the speed of sound



Minimum descent altitude: the minimum height AMSL that you can descend to on a non precision approach or circling approach without visual reference



Minimum descent height: the minimum height AGL that you can descend to on a non precision approach or circling approach without visual reference


Minimum safe altitude

The minimum safe altitude you can descent to that gives terrain clearance within the total area of navigation tolerance


Precision approach procedure

Instrument approach procedure that uses guidance in the azimuth and the glide path


Pressure altitude

Atmospheric pressure, expressed in terms of altitude, which corresponds to the pressure in the standard atmosphere


Reporting point

Specific geographic location in relation to which aircraft position can be reported.

Solid triangle means it is required, hollow triangle means it is is not required


Required navigation performance

Statement of the navigation performance accuracy necessary for the operation within a defined area of airspace

A containment value in nm from the intended position that the aircraft can remain within 95% of the time



Runway visual range: range that a pilot can see the runway surface markings, or lights determining the runway and centreline


ZFT simulator

Zero flight time simulator: simulator that has full motion and has its own registration. You do not need to fly the actual aircraft before gaining approval to operate it.



Airborne collision avoidance system: independent of atc and SSR radar to detect collision threats



In flight shutdown



Reduced vertical separation minima: allows 1000ft vertical foot separation of 2 RVSM approved aircraft in the same RVSM


TAWS. What does it require to work?

Terrain awareness and warning system.

Requires interaction with SSR to determine if aircraft are in a position to be at threat. Also requires ADS-B


What is satisfactory visual reference?

Approach lighting
Threshold markings
Threshold lights
Runway end identification lights
Touchdown zone markings
Runway or runway markings
Runway lights


Adequate Rest Facilities

rest facilities considered by the director to be sufficiently segregated and comfortable so as to provide suitable rest for resting flight crew members, having regard to the service concerned