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What is the definition of a large aeroplane?

-Pax seating capacity > 30; or
-Payload > 3410kg


What type of airworthiness certificate is required for 121 operations?

-Standard category only (Same as 125)


What is rule 91.311? Does it apply to 121 operations

-91.311 says that flight can be below 500ft for bone fide purposes (with permission from people below or LFZ)
-It is not applicable to 121, operation below 500ft must only be for take off and landing


Can a 121 VFR flight happen at night?



What landing performance must be met be a 121 flight? What about wet or contaminated runways?

-Allows a fullstops landing from 50ft AGL at the estimated landing weight within;
=LDR is 70% of LDA for propeller powered aeroplane
=LDR is 60% of LDA for jet powered aeroplane

If wet/ contaminated, LDA is at least 115% of LDR above
LDR is calculated using contaminated data.


What factors must be considered when determining LDR?

-Ambient temp
-Runway surface and condition
-Runway slope in LDG direction
-Not more than 50% HWC or less than 150% TWC


What are the standard weights passengers and crew?

-15kg for child under 2
-46kg for child under 13
-86kg for a person over the age of 13


What are the different ways of determining the weight of crew, pax and baggage?

-Actual weight
-Standard weight in exposition
-Standard from exposition if it originates outside NZ
-Actual weight
-Standard weight in exposition
-Standard weights from rule part


What is the rule regarding GPWS and TAWS on 121 flight?

-Turbine powered plane has GPWS, unless it is equipped with TAWS Class A
-Any turbine powered plane manufactured on or after 1/4/02 must be equipped with TAWS class A


Who can perform maintenance on an aircraft operated under a 121 certificate?

-a 145 approved organisation or an equivalent out of state provided that is party to a technical arrangement


What is the minimum number of flight attendants that can be carried on a 121 pax operation?

The highest fo the following:
-number specified by manufacturer's recommended emergency evacuation procedures for the configuration
-Number specified in the design criteria
-Will ensure one flight attendant is present in each occupied compartment
-In accordance with the tale in the rule part


What are the minimum flight attendant requirements as per the 121 rule? Table?

If aircraft passenger capacity is:
15-50: 1
51-100: 2
101-150: 3
151-200: 4
201-250: 6
251-300: 7
301-350: 9
401-450: 11 etc


What roles must be designated to flight attendants if there is more than 1 flight attendant required?

-If more then 1, must designate a senior FA who is responsible to PIC for operational and safety functions of each FA
-If 6 or more required, a deputy senior FA must be designated by cert holder


What is the rule regarding FA numbers when one gets sick or cannot perform their duties

If a FA becomes sick or injured during a duty period, the number of FA required by the table int he rule part can be reduced by 1 if
-The other 3 FA number requirements are met
-The remains FA's are trained and competent to operate safely with one less FA
-A FA that meets training requirements is available to replace the unfit FA at the first AD of landing


What are the flight crew competency checks required for a flight under 121?

-Route and AD check at least every 12 months
All crew members:
-Emergency and procedures check (12months VFR, 6 months IFR)
-Written or oral test (12 months)


What things are included in the written or oral crew competency check?

-Relevant CAA rules
-Cert holders exposition ans SOP's
-Systems, PoF, Flight manual
-Nav, ATC, met
-Special flight operations as appropriate
-New equipment, procedures or techniques
-Location and operation of emergency equipment