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What are the eligibility requirements for an ATPL?

-Be at least 21 years of age
-Hold a current CPL for appropriate category
-Current Instrument Rating
-Successfully pass flight test
-1500 hours
=250hrs PIC
=100hrs x-country (25 at night)
=100hrs night as PIC or co pilot (if APFM requires)
=75hrs Instrument time (50hrs instrument flight time)
-Valid written exam credit covering
=Air law
=Flight planning
=Instruments and navigation aids
=Human factors
=Advanced Aerodynamics, systems, performance


What are the privileges of an ATPL?

-Any PPL or CPL privileges
-Acts as PIC on an aircraft required to be operated with a copilot and is engaged on an air transport operation, or an operation for hire or reward


What are the currency requirements for an ATPL?

-Current class 1 medical
-Recent flight experience
-Biennial flight review


What things constitute recency for an ATPL?

-3 x T/O and LDG in last 90 days
-Current instructor rating (A, B or C cat)
-Operational competency assessment (135, 125, 121
-Any agricultural rating and checks


For an ATPL does night vs day recency matter?