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What was Haran?

- Haran was the original place of the patriarchs in Northern Mesopotamia
- It is located between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers
- Terah took his descendants from Ur (including Abraham) and settled in Haran
- Jacob meets Laban in Haran, where he marries his wives


What was Babylonia?

- Area of land encompassing the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and the fertile land surrounding them
- Populated with Amorites in Abraham's time


Who was Joseph?

Jacob and Rachel's firstborn


Give the highlights of Tamar's story.

- Married Judah's son Er and then Onan
- Dressed as a prostitute and slept with Judah


What does Peniel stand for?

"Face of God"


Who was Zelophehad?

- Descendant of Manasseh who had only daughters
- His daughters were allowed to inherit land but had to marry within their tribe


Name Jacob's wives.

- Leah
- Rachel
- Bilhah
- Zilpah


Give the highlights of Dinah's story.

- Daughter of Leah and Jacob
- Raped at Shechem


Which two scouts from Kadesh-barnea were permitted to enter the promised land?

Caleb and Joshua


What is Shinar another name for?

It is a Hebrew name for the region of Babylon.


What is the significance of Hebron?

Abraham bought a plot of land from a Hittite when Sarah died nearby. The patriarchs and their wives are buried here.


Give the highlights of Levi's story.

- Leah's third son
- Moses's grandfather
- Avenges Dinah's rape at Shechem and gets cursed by Jacob for it


Where in Egypt did Joseph’s family settle?

Goshen, in the Nile delta


How were Rebekah and Laban related?

They were siblings


Where is Bethel located?

- West of Ai
- West and slightly north of the Dead Sea
- Part of Israel but bordering on Judah


What happened at Bethel?

- Abraham camped there on his way out of Egypt
- Jacob sleeps there and has the vision of God
- Becomes a sanctuary city


Israel is another name for who?



What was Eden?

- Garden created "in the east" by God
- River watering it flowed outward and was the origin for the Tigris and Euphrates as well as two other rivers
- Trees with food
- Tree of life and tree of knowledge of good and evil in the middle


What is Kadesh-barnea?

The area where the twelve scouts left to scout out Canaan for forty days.


Where is Hebron located?

In Canaan, west of the Dead Sea


Give the highlights of Miriam's story.

- Sister of Moses, saw him saved and arranges for his mother to nurse him
- Described as a prophetess
- Criticizes Moses for marrying a Cushite and is given a skin disease by God and later healed


Who was Zilpah?

Leah's maid, given to Jacob to bear children for her.


Who was Laban?

- Rebekah's sister
- Father to Rachel and Leah


What happened at Shechem?

Jacob and family camped on their way back from Haran.
- Dinah raped, Levi and Simeon avenge her
- Joshua also camped with the Israelites and asked if they would follow God or the pagan gods


Give the highlights of Judah's story.

- Leah's fourth son
- Unknowingly sleeps with Tamar, his daughter-in-law
- Guarantees Benjamin's life to Jacob and tries to substitute himself


What happened at Peniel?

Jacob wrestled God or an angel of God and received the new name of "Israel".


What was Ur?

- Abraham's home city
- Located in the southeast part of Mesopotamia, near the Euphrates River
- Part of a trade route


Who was Manasseh?

- Joseph's older son, who Jacob blesses as younger
- Joseph names him because God made him forget his troubles and his family


Give the highlights of Simeon's story.

- Leah's second son
- Avenges Dinah's rape at Shechem and gets cursed by Jacob for it


Who was Benjamin?

Jacob and Rachel's second child, who Rachel died giving birth to