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Who was Seth?

Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. He is ancestor to Abraham.


How does God make a covenant with Abraham?

- God appears to Abram in a vision at age 75
- Shows him the stars in the sky and says his descendants will be so numerous
- Abraham asks how he will know
- God asks for animal sacrifices, puts Abram into a deep sleep, and then passes between the animals himself
- 13 years later, God reaffirms covenant through circumcision and name changes


Who was Noah?

- 10th generation of the patriarchs


Describe the covenant with Noah.

- Covenant with Noah and all creation
- God will not flood the whole earth again or curse the ground, gives rainbow
- God blesses the humans and animals and gives the command to be fruitful and multiply again
- God makes people, place (dried up earth), and presence


Who was Canaan?

- Noah's grandson, Ham's son
- Cursed by Noah to be the servant to his uncles because of what Ham did with Noah's nakedness


Who was Ham?

- Youngest son of Noah
- Saw his father's drunken nakedness and told his brothers
- Father of Canaan


What is the consequence of the fall for the woman?

- Additional pain in childbirth (to get to the snake-crusher)
- Broken marriage with two self-centered people who want their way


Who was Shem?

- Noah's son
- Ancestor of Abraham and the Semites


Name Abraham's "alternate heirs" and why they were not chosen.

- Eliezer of Damascus - God promises it will be Abram's son
- Lot, his nephew - Lot opts out of the covenant of land and leaves for the city
- Ishmael - God promises the heir will be through Sarah


Why did God create the flood?

- Incurable sinfulness and disregard for God
- Like drastic surgery to save the life of a patient - a restart to creation
- Flood reverses creation - act of "uncreation"


Who was Methuselah?

- Son of Enoch
- Man who lived the longest in the bible (969 years)


What is the consequence of the fall for the serpent?

- Humiliation - eating dust
- Enmity with the woman
- One descendant of the woman will crush his head


What is the consequence of the fall for the man?

- Struggling with the ground from which he came
- Must feed his children to get to the snake-crusher descendant
- Death approaching


Who was Lot?

- Abram's nephew who travels with him to Canaan
- Tries to give his daughters to the Sodomites


What does God promise Abraham?

- Land
- Seed (descendants)
- Blessing - with goal to bless the whole world through Abraham


What is the message of Genesis 4-11?

People multiplied but their sin multiplied with them and they continued to turn away from God.


List the significance of conflict in the life of Jacob.

- Esau plans to kill him for stealing his birthright (seed)
- Jacob leaves the land for 20 years (land)


List the conflicts in the life of Jacob.

- Conflict w/ Jacob and Esau
- Conflict w/ Jacob and Laban
- Conflict w/ Leah and Rachel
- Conflict w/ Jacob and Laban
- Conflict w/ Jacob and Esau


Who was Japheth?

- Noah's son


Who was Hagar?

- Sarah's Egyptian maidservant that she gives to Abram to produce an heir
- Mother of Ishmael
- Runs away and God tells her to return
- Sarah eventually casts her out because Ishmael makes fun of Isaac and God rescues her again


How is the flood story different from other ANE flood stories?

- Gods decide to kill humans because of the noise/overpopulation/no reason, realize they need them when they become hungry
- People saved are not granted immortality
- Longer period of rain in the OT


Who was Lamech?

- Descendant of Cain who married two wives and kills a man, then vows to be avenged 77 times
- Noah's father was also named Lamech


How does the story of Joseph continue the Promise saga?

- Joseph leaves the land and then his family later follows
- God shows his blessing by making everything Joseph does successful
- Joseph blesses the Israelites and the Gentiles by preparing for the famine
- See God's willingness to work even with these people of poor moral character


Follow the relationship between Joseph and his brothers.

- Joseph is hated for being a tattletale and favorite
- Joseph dreams of grain, and the sun/moon/stars bowing down to him
- Joseph's brothers kidnap him and sell him into slavery
- First visit, Joseph tests them and sends them home with grain and money and says to bring Benjamin
- Second visit, Joseph dines them and then puts cup in Benjamin's sack
- Judah offers to take Benjamin's place, Joseph reveals himself
- Family comes and he takes care of them
- After Jacob dies, brothers tell Joseph that Jacob wanted them to be forgiven


Where were the Patriarchs buried?



Who was Noah's father and what was noteworthy?

- Lamech was Noah's father
- Named him Noah because hoped he would bring relief from the hard labor of farming the cursed ground


How is the flood story like other ANE flood stories?

- Flooding from rain, survivors in an ark
- Landing on a mountain and sending birds
- Humans offer sacrifices after disembarking
- Humanity is warned and given the chance to build a boat to bring humans and animals


What are the immediate consequences of the fall?

- Broken relationships with God, each other, and creation
- Driven to fight with our origins (man and the soil)


How does the story of Jacob continue the Promise saga?

- God promises Jacob will be part of the line of promise
- Jacob leaves the land for 20 years but comes back


Who was Ishmael?

- Son of Abraham and Hagar, Sarah's Egyptian maidservant
- God promises to make a great nation from him as well
- Father of twelve princes