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When do the two censuses in Numbers occur?

- Two years after leaving Egypt
- Then forty years later


What is the significance of the way the case laws are arranged in Deuteronomy 6-26?

-6-11 shows the spirit of the law of how to love and obey God (first commandment)
- 12-26 corresponds with the rest of the Ten Commandments


How does Leviticus fit with its context in the Pentateuch?

- Tabernacle has just been built and it gives laws for how to interact with God there
- Affirms God's presence with the Israelites
- Gives instruction in holiness so their lives can reflect God's character


What is the reason for including the Balaam stories in Numbers?

- Reminder of being God's blessed and protected people
- Shows God's control over all nations


What is Deuteronomy structured according to? Also identify the sections.

Like a vassal treaty, closest to Hittite:
- Preamble/intro
- Summary of past history and God's benevolent care
- Stipulations of the covenant
- Stipulations for reviewing the covenant
- Witnesses
- Curses and blessings


What happens in Deuteronomy?

Moses's oral summary statements and a renewal of the covenant before the Israelites pass into the promised land


What is the importance of regulations for sacrifice in Leviticus?

- Tells how to remove ritual uncleanliness
- Sacrifice shows praise/thanksgiving as well as to purify sin
- Preserves God's presence and relationship with the people


Why are there two censuses in Numbers?

- They capture the first and second generations of the Israelites in exodus
- Also proves the first generation had all died since they despaired at the scouts' report


Why does Leviticus take place immediately after God tabernacling with the Israelites?

Directly response to them trying to figure out how to live with God's immediate presence among them


What is the underlying concept of the book of Leviticus?



What is the genre of Leviticus?

Alternating law and narrative


What is the significance of promise and covenant in Leviticus?

Leviticus outlines the parameters for the relationship


What is the significance of promise and covenant in Numbers?

It shows how the covenant relationship is working and not working, and how God puts up with the Israelites regardless.


What is the significance of promise and covenant in Deuteronomy?

- Happens 40 years later, when they "do" the 10 commandments again
- Covenant document


What are the two holiness themes in Leviticus?

- Holy worship
- Holy living