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What is the relationship between law and covenant?

- Covenant establishes the relationship
- Law regulates that relationship


Why does a late exodus make sense?

- OT mentions building city of Ramses
- Joseph would have been under a Hyksos pharaoh
- Moses needed access to go between pharaoh and Hebrews, there were no palaces in the Nile Delta in 15th century
- First mention of Israel in 1220 BC, no mention earlier because they weren't in Canaan yet when Egypt was campaigning there


What does the book of Exodus encompass?

- People multiplying in Egypt, to Moses leading them out of Egypt
- People making a covenant with God at Sinai, ten commandments
- Up until the tabernacle being built


What is the unifying theological theme of the book of Exodus?

God fulfilling part of the promise: making a great nation of people
- Book says purpose is divine self-disclosure


What are the two forms of law?

- Apodictic
- Case


How do we apply case law to our lives?

Case law should be examined for the general principals behind the laws and those should be applied.


What is the significance in the way the case laws are arranged in Exodus 21-23?

They broadly pick up on the apodictic law of the ten commands and show applications.


What is apodictic law?

- Unconditional general principles
- Terse and 2nd person
- No mention of punishment
- Associated with covenant between God and Israel


What is the purpose of law?

- Shows us what God is like (his character)
- Teaches us how to act like him


What is case law?

- Conditional, specific cases
- Third person
- Stipulates punishment
- Associated with everyday legal procedure


How do we apply apodictic law to our lives?

Apodictic law is still directly applicable today.


Give an example of applying case law to our lives.

- Bull goring someone - don't allow people to be hurt, be a responsible property owner


When did the exodus from Egypt occur?

1300 - 1250 BC (1st half of 13th century)


What is the significance of the plagues?

- Battle between God and the false gods of Egypt (with pharaoh as representative)
- Shows God's sovereignty and power (over pharaoh's heart and nature)
- Evangelizing - teaching people what his name means


Who wrote Exodus?

Probably information from Moses and maybe Aaron, written by Moses or Joshua or scribes


What is the significance of God's action at the Red Sea?

God demonstrates through his power that he will save and fight for his people.


Broadly, what does a covenant do?

It redefines a relationship and changes the identities of the people involved.


What is the significance of the Passover?

- During the last plague (death), Israelites were spared
- Showing idea of substitutionary death
- Educational for passing on knowledge of God and events from parent to child


What are the genres of Exodus?

Law and narrative