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Florida purchase 1819

Spain worries that us will seize Florida while they are preoccupied by Latin America, Spain decides to turn over and sell Florida to them instead


The Monroe doctrine

President Monroe issued the doctrine in 1823 declaring that no euro nation could consider the American land as subject to colonization


Treaty of Ghent 1814

Ends war of 1812


Treaty of 1818

Improved relations between us and Brits. With this treaty they shared fishing rights in Newfoundland, joint occupation of Oregon territory for ten yrs and set northern limits to louis. Purch which established Canadian-us border


American system

Developed by Henry clay, which called for an advancement of ec growth through protected tariffs, a nat bank and internal improvements. Argues that protege tariffs would aid in manufacturing and roads and canals. Nat bank woul keep system smooth and internal improvements would aid in econ in west and south