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Age of Jefferson characteristics

Peaceful political change, Strengthen democratic/nationalistic spirit, expanding territory, unity


"We are all republicans, we are all federalists"

Demonstration of theme of unity under Thomas Jefferson, stressing the basic principles of constitutional government


National bank

Proposed by Hamilton, Jefferson argued its creation was not allowed by constitution.
Maintained through age of Jefferson

Privately owned
Endorsed by gov


Guideline principle of early democratic republicans

Limited central government


Right of deposit

Revoked right of Americans to use New Orleans port in 1802

Caused the people on the frontier to cry for government action


Louisiana purchase and strict vs loose

Jefferson went against his strict interpretation of constitution with the purchase


Effects of Louisiana purchase

Increased Jefferson popularity
Showed the federalists to be weak
Strengthened Jeffersons hopes of an agrarian society


Agrarian society

Jeffersons vision of a nation built of independent farmer, minimizing foreign affairs


Marbury vs Madison

Established judicial review

Put Marshall in direct conflict with Jefferson (Marshall appointed during John Adams presidency)


John Marshall

Rulings in the court strongly influenced a strong central government


Lewis and Clark expedition

Increased geographic and scientific knowledge of western region
Strengthened US claims to territory
Better relations with Indians
More Accurate maps for future Americans


Aaron burr

Asshole who dueled and killed hammy :(
Former Vice President of Jefferson
Plotted against Jeff for abandoning dem rep principles


Battle of tippecanoe

Quelling of an Indian uprising led by Tecumseh.

Led by General Harrison


War hawks

Group who believed war with Britain was the only way

Gained influence in House of Representatives

Led by Henry clay ❤️



Example of intense British violation of US neutral rights


Macon's bill no. 2

America put down a sweet deal for Brit and France that was like: if one of you Stop taking our dang ships, we'll stop trading with the other one

Napoleon snatched this up but kept taking the damn ships


Samuel chase

(Federalist) Impeached from the Supreme Court at the order of Jefferson, didn't really work

Signaled that impeachment wouldn't be a valid political strategy

Judiciary validated as a powerful force within the government


American public reaction to Louisiana purchase

Didn't really know what exactly it was until the Lewis and Clark expedition