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Which tonsil is located just under the uvula?

Palatine tonsil


Which tonsil is located posterior to the inferior nasal concha and auditory tube?

Pharyngeal tonsil


What are the 2 layers of the posterior pharynx (starting luminally) and what's in-b/w them?

- Buccopharyngeal fascia --> prevertebral fascia
- Retropharyngeal space


What layer protects the larynx?

Thyroid cartilage


What pierces of the thyrohyoid membrane?

- Internal laryngeal n.
- Superior laryngeal a.


What membrane is inferior to the thyroid cartilage?

Cricothyroid membrane


Superior constrictor m: OIIA?

Origin: Lower two thirds of medial pterygoid plate, pterygomandibular raphe and posterior end of mylohyoid line on mandible
Insertion: Upper midline pharyngeal raphe and pharyngeal tubercle of clivus of occiput

Innervation: CN X
Action: Aids in swallowing


Middle constrictor m: OIIA?

Origin: Lower third of stylohyoid ligament, lesser cornu and superior border of greater cornu of hyoid bone
Insertion: Middle portion of pharyngeal raphe

Innervation: CN X
Action: Aids in swallowing


Inferior constrictor m: OIIA?

Origin: Cricopharyngeus: lateral aspect of arch of cricoid cartilage. Thyropharyngeus: oblique line of laminar of thyroid cartilage and fibrous cricothyroid arch
Insertion: Cricopharyngeus: continuous with muscle of opposite side, behind pharynx. Thyropharyngeus : lower pharyngeal raphe

Innervation: CN X
Action: Aids in swallowing. Cricopharyngeus acts as upper esophageal sphincter


Buccinator m: OIIA?

Origin: External alveolar margins of maxilla and mandible by molar teeth, to maxillary tubercle and pterygoid hamulus and posterior mylohyoid line respectively, then via pterygomandibular raphe between bones
Insertion: Decussates at modiolus of mouth and interdigitates with opposite side

Innervation: CN VII
Action: Tenses cheeks in blowing and whistling, aids closure of mouth, aids in mastication


Tensor veli palatini m: OIIA?

Origin: Scaphoid fossa and medial aspect of spine of sphenoid bone
Insertion: Palatine aponeurosis (via pulley of pterygoid hamulus)

Innervation: CN V
Action: Tenses soft palate prior to elevation


Levator veli palatini m: OIIA?

Origin: Apex of inferior surface of petrous temporal bone and medial rim of auditory tube
Insertion: Palatine aponeurosis

Innervation: CN X
Action: Elevates, retracts and lateral deviates soft palate. May open auditory tube on swallowing


Stylopharyngeus m: OIIA?

Origin: Styloid process
Insertion: Posterior lateral border of thyroid cartilage

Innervation: CN IX
Action: Elevates larynx and pharynx to aid in swallowing


Mylohyoid m: OIIA?

Origin: Mylohyoid line on internal aspect of mandible
Insertion: Anterior three quarters-midline raphe. Posterior quarter-superior border of body of hyoid bone

Innervation: CN V--n. to the mylohyoid
Action: Elevates hyoid bone, supports and raises floor of mouth. Aids in mastication and swallowing


Hyoglossus m:OIIA?

Origin: Superior border of greater cornu of hyoid bone
Insertion: Lateral sides of tongue

Innervation: CN XII
Action: Depresses tongue


What does the sigmoid sinus drain into?



The internal laryngeal n innervates the _____________ and the external laryngeal n innervates the ______________.

- Voice box
- Cricothyroid m.


Cricothyroid m: OIIA?

Origin: cricoid cartilage
Insertion: thyroid cartilage

Innervation: External branch of the superior laryngeal branch of CN X
Action: Lengthens and tenses vocal cords by tilting thyroid cartilage forwards


The left side of the recurrent laryngeal n. (of CN X) goes around the _____________ and the right side goes around the ____________.

- Aorta
- Right subclavian a.


What mm. does the recurrent laryngeal n. innervate?

All mm. of the larynx except cricothyroid


What m. does CN IX wrap around to make stripe like on a Barber's Pole?

Stylopharyngeus m.


Which nasal concha(e) is/are separate bones? What bone(s) is/are the other concha(e) a part of?

- Inferior nasal concha is its own bone
- Superior and middle are part of the ethmoid


The dens lies posterior to which part of the pharynx/larynx?



Where do all of the constrictor mm. insert?

Median raphe of the pharynx