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What are 'physical' landscapes?

Natural landscapes created by natural processes e.g. erosion, weathering


What are 'upland' areas?

Areas with a high spot height. They are high above sea level


Where are the UK's upland areas?

Typically in the north and west of the country. e.g. Pennines and the Lake District


What are 'low land' areas?

Areas with low spot height. They are areas closer to sea level.


Where are the UK's lowland areas?

Typically to the south and east of the country. e.g. big cities are located on low land areas i.e. London.


What is 'relief'?

Relief describes the physical landscape e.g. the height, steepness and shape of the land.


What determines the relief of the land?

The geology (the type of rock the land is made of)


Name some of the UK's major rivers

  1. The Thames
  2. The Severn
  3. The Tyne
  4. The Mersey
  5. The Tweed


Name two of the UK's stretches of coastlines

  1. The Holderness coast
  2. The Dorset coast