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Why was canada health act established?

to ensure universal health care accessibility by outlawing extra-billing and other co-payments or user charges for insured health care services.


What does the canada health act do?

enables federal cost sharing,

where by the Government of Canada pays a portion of the provincial/territorial costs of health care provided:

on the condition that five criteria are met…


5 conditions of canada health act?

1) Public Administration
2) Comprehensiveness
3) Universality
4) Portability
5) Accessibility


Public Administration?

All administration of provincial health insurance must be carried out by a public authority on a non-profit basis.

They also must be accountable to the province or territory, and their records and accounts are subject to audits.

government run



All necessary health services, including hospitals, physicians and surgical dentists, must be insured.

service being given is complete



All insured residents are entitled to the same level of health care.



A resident that goes to a different province or territory is still entitled to coverage from their home province during their vacation



All insured persons have reasonable access to health care facilities


4 patient right?

1. Right to be informed
2. Right to be respected as the individual with the major responsibility for their own health care
3. Right to participate in decision making affecting their health
4. Right to equal access to health care


Right to be informed?

to know about procedure
know risks and benefits

about preventative health care

● about health care system, including the extent of government insurance coverage for services

● about their own diagnosis and specific treatment program, options, surgery, side effects

● about the specific costs and fees of procedures, services, and professional fees patients have to pay out of pocket (out of province/private)


Right to be respected as the individual with the major responsibility for their own health care?

to refuse treatment
right to confidentiality
● right to refuse experimentation, undue painful prolongation of life, or participate in teaching programs
● right to die with dignity


Right to participate in own health decision making?

to make own decisions if they are competent

With the health professionals involved in their direct health care
Self determination


Right to equal access to health care?

to access to adequately qualified health professionals
● Health education, prevention, treatment, and
● to second opinion
● to prompt response in ER situations
● to refuse to participate in any research study
● have their Advanced Directive (living will) respected


4 types of canadian???

health care


4 types of canadian health care?

1. Health Promotion, Illness and injury prevention
2. Diagnosis and Treatment
3. Rehabilitation and Health Restoration
4. Palliative or end-of-life


Health Promotion, Illness and injury prevention?

Programs address determinants of health- i.e. lifestyle, physical, psychological and social environments


Diagnosis and Treatment?

MD offices, hospitals & community based services (i.e. maternal & childcare, mental health services, & care of patients with chronic health conditions - DM)


Rehabilitation and Health Restoration

restoring ill or injured people to more optimal levels of health & functioning.

● Goal of rehabilitation- assisting people to return to their previous level of health…BASELINE.
If not…
The highest level they are capable given their health status.


Palliative or end-of-life

humane, compassionate care to the dying


nurses act?

clarifies relationships between RNs & other health professionals
● specifies what activities are the legal domain of the practice of nursing

(it a guideline and clarified who does what)


Function of OIIQ?

ensure the protection of the public


How does the OIIQ ensure the protection of the public?

credentialing (one time)
licensing & registration (every year)


quebec graduate completes approved program in nursing?

Examination is application of knowledge; Short answer questions

2 examinations each year (September & March)


In addition to OIIQ professional examination must satisfy 2 other conditions to get a permanent RN license?

1. Knowledge of French
2. Conviction of criminal offence (Must declare it to the OIIQ , unless pardon obtained for criminal offence in Canada or elsewhere)


As of 2013, nurses must have ___ hours per year of continuing education by?

20 hours

A minimum of 7 accredited hours &
13 unaccredited hours


how many hours of practice do you need if you want to renew your license after being out of practice?

1125-last 5 years
450-last year


what is Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec?

union which protects healthcare professionals only


what is Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec responsible for?

Negotiating our contract with the Quebec government

Contract determines:
our rights as employees
our salary scale
our working hours


What is an LPN?

Registered Nursing Assistant

May carry out the following tasks (among others):
● take specimens; draw blood if ordered by prescription
● wound care prescribed by a nurse
● monitoring of clients
● prepare medications, including reconstituting medication; administer medication (except by IV route); administer vaccinations
● insert urinary catheters, administer nasal solutions,