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What were the requirements for nursing in the beginning ?

caucasian, catholic and female


who was the founder of professional nursing?

Florence Nightingale


What did florence nightingale do?

- Started a movement to improve nursing in the 19th century. - Cared for soldiers during crimean war


What are the 3 key principles according to nightingale?

1. environmental manipulation ( enhanced cleanliness) 2. nutrition (sufficient nutrition to maintain immune system) 3. conserve patient energy (organize tasks to conserve energy of patient)


What did florence nightingale do?

-reduced mortality and morbidity rate of soldiers -focused on cleanliness and comfort -elevated status of nursing -promoted health -provided education preparation for nurses -founded first independent nursing school -bettered healthcare system for british army


what are the 3 education options of nursing today?

1. 3 year DEC nursing program, get RN after passing OIIQ exam. 2. DEC-BAC program (3 years college + 2 year university) get RN after passing OIIQ exam. 3. 2 year pre-university DEC then BSC pr BScN get RN after passing OIIQ exam


Criteria for nurses in Quebec?

maintain 20 hours of continuing education on addition to working hours, must submit hours to OIIQ. They can be achieved by: 1. reading nursing journals 2. certification 3.participation in hospitals (in-services) 4. conferences


Career paths in nursing?

clinical specialist nurse educator nurse reseacher nurse practitioner nurse administrator oncology pivot nurse


what is a clinical specialist?

has degree in specialized area of practice


What is a nurse educator?

teaches in educational institutions, hospitals or long term care facilities


what is a nurse reseacher?

improve nursing care in academic institutions and hospitals


what is a nurse practitioner?

RN with a master's degree from nurse practitioner program. they can: 1. diagnose and refer 2. prescriber certain medication 3. advanced assessments


what is a nurse administrator?

nurse manager/supervisor/director or nursing. Responsibilities: budgeting, staffing, planning


what is an oncology pivot nurse?

ensures access to all resources for patients with cancer in hospital and community


Settings where nurses practice?

hospitals long-term residential facilities psychiatric facilities rehabilitation centres local community service centres physicians clinic hospice education, management and research institutions daycare centres telepath retirement home private clinic self-employment


What is the role of a nurse in a hospital setting?

apply nursing process, coordinate and delegate care elements, teach patients and post-discharge self-care discharge planning; facilitate smooth and safe transition of patients between levels of care and community


What is the role of a nurse in a long term residential facility?

plan and coordinate resident care, manage chronic illnesses, conduct rehabilitation programs, have education/communication roles, have family interventions


What is the role of a nurse in a rehabilitation center?

work closely with physical and occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers


Working condition of nurses in canada?

shifts in healthcare from acute services towards community based care patients now discharged with higher acuity levels and complex care needs shifts in the age of the canadian population


Interdisciplinary health care team members?

licensed practical nurse physician physiotherapist occupational therapist dieticians social worker spiritual care worker patient attendants at the bedside