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What is health?

Absence of illness


What is disease?

Objective state of ill health, which can be detected by medical science.


How does the WHO define health?

Health is to come with your environment and cope with change.


What is the medical approach to health?

Treatment of disease is seen as key.


What is the behavioural approach to health?

there is more to health than the medical component.
Lifestyle impacts ones health.

Lalonde said that each individual is responsible for their health.


What does a person's health depend on?

1. lifestyle
2. environment
3. human biology
4. organization of healthcare system


What came about from the idea of health promotion & prevention?

smoking cessation and participACTION


What is the socioenvironmental approach to health?

Health is tied to social structures

EX: poverty and unhealthy physical/social environments such as poor water quality and difficult access to healthcare will DIRECTLY influence health.


What does the ottawa charter represent?

supports a socioenvironmental approach to health.
States that the prerequisites are:
1. peace
2. shelter
3. education
4. food
5. income
6. stable ecosystem
7. sustainable resources
8. social justice & equity


What are the 5 strategies to promote health according to the charter?

1. building healthy public policy (working together at large)
2. creating supportive environments (creating a healthy environment)
3. strengthening community action (putting together resources based on community needs)
4. developing personal skills (helping an individual cope with an illness)
5. reorienting health services (support a healthy lifestyle in the community)


What are the key health determinants identified in the Strategies for Population Health report?

1. income and social status (amount of money one has)
2. social support networks (family/friends to rely on)
3. education (level of education)
4. employment & working conditions (having employment and conditions)
5. physical environments (living conditions)


What is the mobile clinic?

increasing access to health services for the less fortunate population (homeless, sex workers)


What is the role of nursing?

take care of the larger population based on the 12 determinants and the strategies which they use.
1. empower
2. advocate
3. teach


What is health promotion?

strategy/intervention that helps people increase and control their health. satisfy their goals/needs


What is health prevention?

measures taken to avoid catching al illness.
EX: STI, contraception, hand washing, immunization


What are the 7 health determinants?

1. biology and genetic endowment
2. personal health practices and coping skills
3. healthy child development
4. health services (access to healthcare services is important for being treated and well as preventing)
5. gender (men/women have different coping skills)
6. culture (affects health beliefs which will effect treatment. different diets may not always be healthy)
7. social environment (beliefs of values and how it relates to their health)


What is wellness?

Having adequate physical + mental health


What is well being?

Being healthy + happy