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What did General Kornilov try to do in August 1917 when Kerensky became PM?

-Plotted the overthrow of Kerensky's government
-With the use of Dual Authority the coup was stopped
-Involvement of Petrograd Soviet shown as weakening of P.G- gave revolutionaries window of opportunity.


How was the P.G challenged in 1917?

-Petrograd Soviet was dominated by Bolsheviks
-Committee had been established by Russian soldiers/sailors to challenge the P.G's autonomy


What was the October revolution?

-October 1917
-P.G arrested by Bolsheviks on behalf of people
-Kerensky escaped to form an army that fought against Bolsheviks at start of Civil War (1917-22)


Why did the P.G fail in terms of:
b) policies
c) Kerensky's mistakes
d) other factors

b) Decision to continue war created opposition
-No economic policies
-Didn't give national minorities autonomy
-Failed to legitimise peasant takeover of land
c) Launched new offensive
-Kornilov affair discredited him
-Underestimated strength of Bolsheviks
d) Constituent Assembly not called soon enough
-Kadets alarmed at power of working class so moved further right
-Moderate socialists lost contact with their supporters: workers/peasants.


When were they in power?

March-October 1917


Summarise their role

-Meant to last until a Constituent Assembly could be elected
-C.A would have represented a major damage in Russian gov- democratic elections/representation
-P.G made up of politicians who had been elected to the 1912 Duma
-Faced with problem of being associated with the 'old' guard.


What were the 8 principles they stated would underpin their domestic policies- give four

-Amnesty being granted to political prisoners
-Establishment of freedom of speech
-Preparations to be made for C.A
-Abolition of secret police


Describe the situation by Spring 1917

-Started implementing policies based on principals
-Political prisoners released
-Dissidents such as Trotsky/Stalin/ Lenin felt it was safe to return to Petrograd
-Re-emergence of political opponents/WW1 proved difficult
-Due to war: economic problems such as inflation dwindling resources, lost overseas markets.


What did the P.G PM Prince Lvov do when faced with demonstrations against Russia's involvement in ww1?

-Formed coalition gov. with members of the Petrograd Soviet (workers council) Known as Dual Authority


What was the period of turmoil known as the 'July Days'?

-In July 1917 Kerensky (Minister of War) launched military offensive against Germany to boost morale/increase support
-Demonstrations increased
-Gov responded with repression (contradicted their supposed liberalism).