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What is the puerperium?

Period of repair and recovery when there is return of tissues to a non-pregnant state

Takes about 6 weeks


How long does blood stained discharge last for following birth?

10-14 days


What % of women experience baby blues?


This is a brief period of emotional instability usually occurring within a few days of birth and lasting for up to a week


How are baby blues managed?

Support and reassurance


How does puerperal psychosis present?

Presents within the first few weeks of delivery

sleep disturbance, confusion, irrational ideas, mania


What % of women who experience puerperal psychosis go on to later develop bipolar disorder?



What is the risk of recurrence recurrence of puerperal psychosis without treatment?



How common is postnatal depression?

Occurs in 10% of women


How does postnatal depression present?

Occurs several weeks after birth and lasts for weeks to months

Tearful, anxious, anhedonia, poor sleep, weight loss

Concerns about the baby

Suicidal ideation


What is the risk of recurrence of postnatal depression?



What are some of the advantages of breastfeeding for mothers?

Reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer

Reduces the risks of postnatal depression

Acts as a natural contraceptive


What are the recommendations for breastfeeding in HIV +ve mothers?

Recommended to avoid breast feeding

If they do breastfeed they are recommended to do so exclusively and only when they are on medication that keeps their viral load low or undetectable


What is the purpose of colostrum, the first milk produced?

Colustrum contains high levels of immune proteins and so helps to colonise the baby with normal bacterial

Laxative effects help the baby to pass meconium


Describe the pathway for milk release

Baby suckles

Sensory impulses from nipple to brian

Prolactin is released

Milk is produced


What is mastitis and how is it managed?

Red inflamed breast

Should advise the mother to feed frequently and to express milk between feeds


What advise should be given to mothers who are going to formula feed?

Don't make feeds in advance and store in the fridge - any leftover milk should be discarded within 2 hours

Tilt the bottle so there is always milk in the teat

Don't force the baby to finish a feed

Eye contact and skin-skin contact is important


How should formula fed babies be kept hydrated in warm weather?

Extra drinks of plain cooled boiled water

(NB breast fed babies don't need extra water as breast milk changes composition in response to the baby's needs for fluid)