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What did the German Rectal Cancer Study group show?

Neoadjuvant prolonged course RT with 5FU-based chemotherapy for T3+/N0-2 rectal cancer

Local Recurrence rates and toxicities are more favorable with neoadjuvant ChemoRT
OS similar for neoadjuvant CRT cf postop CRT


When should transanal excision should be considered?

Select patients with:
- Early stage Rectal CA
- small real CA


Is adjuvant therapy needed after transanal resection?


After transanal resection of appropriately selected patients with early-stage rectal cancer, no further therapy required


What is the standard therapy for early localized squamous Ca of the anus?

ChemoRT with 5FU & Mitomycin
- a/w excellent cure rates

Salvage APR reserved for recurrent anal cancer