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What is the umbilical cord?

Structure that connects the placenta to the fetus; contains blood vessels.


What is Amniotic fluid?

Surrounds the fetus
provides a cushioning environment for protection
Enclosed by the amniotic membrane amnion.


What is the menstrul cycle?

The development and release of a mature egg for fertilisation as well as the preparation of the uterus for receiving the fertilised eggs; regulated by hormones.


What are the four stages of the menstrual cycle?

Follicle stage
luteal stage


Summarise the reproduction of the fish?

Bunderds to millions of eggs
externally fertilised and developed
little or no care of young.


Summarise the reproduction of amphibia?`

Up to hundreds of eggs
external fertilization (many have internal fertilization.
Develop in water
care for young vaires from none to much.


What is metamorphosis?

The life changes (both structural and behavioural.Of an amphibian as it evolves from water to land dweller. Also refes to insert developments.


Summarise the reproduction of birds.

Up to a few eggs.
internal fertilisation
external incubation
care of young lasts several weeks.


Summarise the reproduction of mammals.

Up to a few eggs; internal fertilisation and development; care of young may last up to several years. Eg. Dog, human, cow.