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When and where was George Grosz born?

In 1893 in the Pomeranian region of Germany


At what two schools did Grosz study before 1912?

Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, 1909 to 1911, Berlin College of Arts and Crafts in 1912


When did Grosz volunteer for military service and what happened to him while in the military?

In 1914 and he was discharged after an illness


When was Grosz conscripted into the military?

In 1917 but he was permanently discharged only a few months later


How did Grosz change his name and why?

He addend n e to the Georg to identify himself with the United States and Great Britain and his dislike of German nationalism


What part did Grosz join in after the war and the German revolution?

The Communist Party


What did Grosz paint that stood for the various social classes of society?

The fat man with a cigar representing the bourgeois while the disheveldd soldier represents the forgotten sacrifices of the common citizens


When did Grosz immigrate to the United States and what was the change in his artistic works at this time?

In 1932, his works became less political and he rejected the Communist Party


When did Grosz return to Berlin and how did he die?

He returned to Berlin in 1959 and died from a fall


How many people are shown in Republican Automatons?



What are the men dressed with in Republican automatons?

The man on the right wears the Iron Cross, while the left wearing a bowler hat waves the German flag, they are both dressed fashionably as businessman


What is wrong with the man with the bowler hat?

His arms are made of cylinders that don't fit together properly, the hand with the flag is only a metal claw and one leg ends in a peg. His facial features are replaced with a number of 12


Describe the second figure in Republican automatons?

A set of gears is attached to his body just below his armpit, one arm ends at the elbow while the other reveals a peg where the false hand might be. The head is empty and words and numbers fall into the hole


What are the color types in Republican automatons?

Cool and muted


What are the precise, geometric lines and absence of life in Republican automatons reminiscent of?

Grosz'a Greek Italian contemporary Giorgio de Chirico


Republican automatons is a critique of what government?

The Weimar Republic


When was the Weimer Republic formed?

In 1919


What were some problems with and during the Republic of Weimer?

A time of great political tension and hyperinflation, people thought that the government had betrayed the workers and had no authority to rule


What is Grosz's view of the world?

Cynical and even satirical


What Paris academy did Grosz study at?

The Academie Colarossi