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Who studied obedience



Milgrams aim

Studying obedience


Milgrams procedure

Selected participants by advertising for males. But into pairs one was teacher other learner. Draw was fixed so participant was teacher and learner was confederate. Learner taken into a room wires attached to them. The teacher and researcher were next door with electric shock generator. Participant didn't know it was fake. The participant was told to read out pairs of words the learner had to remember if they got it wrong the participant would have to give them electric shock and had to increase voltage each time. Learner would scream beg to stop or was silent to make participant worry. The participant was told to carry on and use prods to make confederate carry on


Milgrams findings

It was found all participants shocked the confederate up to 300 volts and 65% of participants shocked all the way to 450 volts


Conclusion milgram

Shows that all people obey regardless of the consequences


Methodological issues of milgrams study

Lab experiment-controlled, no external factors, lacks ecological validity so can't generalise to real life
All male participants, lacks population validity wanted new haven men 20/50
Volunteer sample- random so no bias less time consuming less likely to withdraw but limiting the people who can volunteer as it's in one area


Ethical issues milgram study

Right to withdraw wasn't clear so they felt they had to say because of prod
Protection from harm participants weren't protected as they were stressed
Deception- didn't know it was fake


Variables effecting obediende

Power of uniform



Distance between the person giving the order and person receiving the order



Where the study takes place


Power of uniform

How the people are dressed may make them feel or look powerful