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Who researched into conformity

Asch and sherif


Who studied into normative social influence



Who studied informational social influence



Sherif's aim

Demonstrate that people conform to group norms when they are in a unclear situation


Sherifs procedure

Lab experiment. He used the autokinetic effect , where a small spot of lint projected onto a screen in a dark room will appear to move even tho it doesn't the participants were tested in threes sherif manipulated the groups by putting two people who's estimates were similar and other was different. Each person had to say aloud how far the light had moved


Sherif findings

The group converged to a common estimate. The person who had a very different estimate to the other two conformed sherif said this showed people always tend to conform


Sherif conclusion

When in an ambiguous situation a person will look to others for guidance


Aschs aim

Investigate the extent to which social pressure from a majority group could effect a person to conform


Aschs procedure

Used a lab experiment. Using the line judgement test. Asch put one person in a group with 7 confederates the confederates had agreed in advance what their responses would be when presented with the line test. Each person in the room had to state what line was like the target line the answer was always obvious but in some trials the confederates gave the wrong answer


Aschs findings

Asch measured the number of times each participants conformed to the majority view. About 1/3 of the participants in each trial went along with confederates. 3/4 of participants conformed on at least one trial


Aschs conclusion

Asch discovered the participants went along with the confederates to fit in


Advantages of asch and sherifs study's

Both in a lab so they were controlled, no external factors and can establish cause and effect

Reliability- both produce similar results showing they are reliable and can be repeated


Disadvantages of asch and sherifs studies

Lack population validity as they would have reacted differently if it was with friends and family as they'd feel more comfortable having your own view but with strangers you want to fit in

Ethical issues- both studies deceived participants into thinking confederates were real participants