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What is a characteristic cell finding in sarcoidosis?

"Asteroid Bodies" which is a conglomeration of giant cells.


Besides the lungs where else can sarcoidosis present?

Uvea (uveitis), skin (cutaneous nodules or erethema nodosum), salivary or lacrimal glands (MIMICS SJOGREN'S SYNDROME!) and any other tissue.


Why does sarcoidosis patients also present with hyper Ca?

The noncaseating granulomas has 1 alpha hydroxylase activity and can activate vitamin D. Any disease that have a lot of noncaseating granulomas will have excess 1 alpha hydroxylase activity leading to hyper Ca.


How do sarcoidosis pt's present?

Dyspnea/cough, elevated serum ACE, hypercalcemia. Tx is steroids but can resolve on its own without tx.


What is hypersensitivity pneumonitis?

Granulomatous reaction in response to some inhaled organic compound like bird feces (Pigeon Breeder's lung). Chronic exposure will lead to interstitial fibrosis. Since it is a HS reaction, there will be eosinophils present as well.


How are patients presenting with HS pneumonitis?

Fever, cough and dyspnea (initially) hours after exposure, but resolves when the offending substance is removed.