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protopathic info comes into the spinal cord In ___ diamter dorsal root axons



protopathic infor enters spinal cord and travels upwards in ___

Lissaeurs tract or the dorsolateral fascilulus


only goes up or down 2 spinal segments before SYNAPSING IN THE DORSAL HORN


after synpasing in the dorsal horn, the second order neuron then ____

crosses in the spinal cord and ascends as the anterolateral tract 


after traveling up as the antero lateral tract what happens to the axons?

1. they synapse at every level in the brainstem, most synapsing in the reticular formation (these can then synapse in the same regions of the thalamus)

2. thalamus: vpl, dorsomedial, intralaminar etc 


from the thalamus, signals then go to the

post central gyrus via the internal capsule

also to more widespread areas related to pain perception and appreciation (anterior cingulate, frontal lobe).



signals from the ALS get from the thalamus to the post central gyrus via the

internal cpasule


contralteral loss of proppathic can be seen with X to


1. anterolateral tract in spinal cord

2. ALS synapsing in the brainstem 

3. VPL, DM, intalaminar in thalamus

4. post central gyrus


loss of protopathic sx include

Reduced pain
Reduced sense of warming or cooling skin
Simple touch intact but reduced in sensitivity