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S1: External Anatomy
108  cards
S5: Internal and External Anatomy of the Medulla
65  cards
S2: Internal Anatomy of the brain and ventricles
What is the roof of this what for...,
71  cards
S3: Visual and Auditory System IDs
What does a x in the structure cause,
What does damage here cause,
What does this wrap around
35  cards
Internal Anatomy of Midbrain
40  cards
S6: Internal and External Anatomy of the Pons
50  cards
Section 5 Notes
Projectiosn of the vestibular nuc...,
Projectiosn of the salvitaory nuc...,
Deficit in lacrimation and salvat...
57  cards
Clinical correlations - Notes (all sections)
Damage to dorsal and ventral coch...,
Deafness in ipsilateral ear,
Damage to vestibular nuclei in me...
135  cards
S4: Anatomy of the Spinal cord
Name the pathways their sites of ...,
Name the pathways their sites of ...,
Name origin termination function
48  cards
Section 4 Notes
Definition of myotome,
Spinal levels of lumbar plexus,
What is innvervated by lumbar plexus
49  cards
S4: Peripheral Nerve Damage Sx
Motor sx with radial n x,
Sensory sx with radial n x,
Motor nerve x with median n x
21  cards
Section 3 Notes
Type of information carried by th...,
Gracile fasciulus carries informa...,
The cuneate fascilus is not prese...
76  cards
S1: Blood supply
5  cards
S1: Cranial Nerves
What cn are at the level of the m...,
What cn are at the level of the pons,
Trigeminal nerve
14  cards
Section 1: Notes
Cortex is comprised of ___,
____ is a population of neuronal ...,
Wernickes area includes what
28  cards
S1: Blood Supply - Distribution
Blood supply to the general later...,
What supplies the medial surface ...,
What structures does the mca supply
24  cards
S1: Blood supply - Structure and Angiogram IDs
Anterior spinal a
33  cards
Section 2: Notes
The lateral ventricle covers the ...,
Cognitive deficits signal what pa...,
What is the striatum
60  cards
S2: Fall-Apart Internal Structures
8  cards
S3: Dorsal Column/Leminiscal System Pathway
Dorsal root axons carrying epicri...,
Dorsal root axons carrying epicri...,
From the gracile and cuneate fasc...
7  cards
S3: Pathway Lesions and SX
Ipislateral loss of epicritic sen...,
Contralateral loss of epicritic s...,
What does loss of epicritic sense...
20  cards
S3: Anterolateral Pathway
Protopathic info comes into the s...,
Protopathic infor enters spinal c...,
After synpasing in the dorsal hor...
8  cards
S3: Spinocerebellar
Spinocerebellar carries ___ infor...,
Axons from the leg and lower trun...,
Axons from the gracile fascilus s...
10  cards
S3: Trigeminal System
Most somatosensory information fr...,
Axons of the trigeminal nerve con...,
After synapsing in the principal ...
20  cards
S3: Pyramidal system
The cortico bulbar tract descends...,
Corticobulbar tract controls cran...,
The cortico pontine tract descend...
11  cards
Section 6 Notes
Axons from the base of the pons g...,
Cranial nerves evident on the sur...,
Cn ___ pierces the middle cerebel...
63  cards
S1: (just) Cranial nerves
X symptoms,
X sx,
9  cards
Double vision indicates ____ invo...,
Dysarthria difficulty speaking du...,
Internal strabismus on the left i...
87  cards
Brainstem Strokes symptoms
What is wallenberg syndrome what ...,
What is medial medullary syndrome...,
What is lateral pontine syndrome
6  cards
Brainstem Blood supply -- by distribution
What supplies the dark red,
What supplies the medial medulla,
What supplies the top lateral por...
22  cards
Section 7 Notes
What makes up the cerebral peduncle,
Rostrally the midbrain merges wit...,
The boundary between the midbrain...
32  cards
S2: MRI ids
33  cards
S3: Thalamic nuclei - input/output/function
Input into the anterior nucleus,
Dorsomedial ncuelus input output ...,
Ventral anterior input output fun...
10  cards
Section 8 Cases
Sensory and motor deficits along ...,
Flaccid paralysis and specific se...,
Loss of protopathic on left local...
12  cards
Myelins: Brainstem/spinal misc.
Where in the brainstem do you sti...,
Where is hrst near in the medulla,
What nuclei is in rostral medulla...
15  cards
Central Visual Processing I Lec12
The retina ganglion cells have 3 ...,
Visual fields are ___ and ___ in ...,
In the optic chiasm ___ axons cross
89  cards

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