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Definition of Accident

Sesek thinks its NOT unexpected (you should expect bad things to happen), undesirable event that interferes with normal work process and carries the potential for physical injury, property damage, or product loss


Definition of Hazard

a condition that has potential to cause injury, you may not be exposed to it though


Definition of Danger

- the danger inherent in a situation is dependent on the relative exposure to a hazard
- i.e. something may have high hazard but little danger


Definition of Damage

- the severity of injury or magnitude of loss that results from an uncontrolled hazard


Definition of Risk

- function of the probability of loss (danger) AND the magnitude of potential loss (damage)


Safety (Sesek's favorite definition)

the control of hazards to an acceptable level (you cannot always eliminate all hazards!)


hierarchy of safety controls

1. Engineering Controls (design the hazard out)
2. Administrative Controls (job rotation, limiting exposure times, etc.)
3. PPE


Why is PPE at the bottom of
the hierarchy? and why yet is so often employed by
safety professionals.

- its at the bottom b/c its the least effective (not full-proof, adds discomfort to worker, etc)
-It is used b/c its CHEAP and easy to implement


Unclear Messages - potential "traps"

-Poor communication leads to problems such as confusion, delays, errors, etc.
- lack of enforcement IS a message!


safety features vs. safety procedures

- feature: safety is automatically built in to help you
- procedure: something you have to do


Problem with safety procedures

they can be forgotten, skipped, etc