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What do OSHA standards represent?

OSHA standards represent a minimum for compliance - may not be the safest procedure though - it means its the minimum you have to do to comply with the law


OSHAct - who was it signed by and when, what is it also known as, and when did it take effect

- signed by President Richard M. Nixon on December 29,1970 as a Public Law
- AKA Williams-Steiger Act - took effect April 28, 1971


Declared purpose of OSHAct - and what did it lead to

- congress declared the purpose of the legislation as: "to assure so far as possible every working man and woman in the nation safe and healthful working conditions and preserve our human resources"
- OSHA formed as a result of OSHAct


OSHA: Assigned to what, and what do its authorities include

- assigned to DOL
- authorities include:
- promulgation, modification, and revocation of safety and health standards
- conducting inspections and investigations using citations
- requiring employers to keep records of safety and health data
- petitioning the courts to issue restraining orders for imminent danger situations
- approving or rejecting state plans for OSH programs


2 wings of OSHA

- Compliance (gives citations)
- consultation - doesn't issue citations, there to help (generally aimed at small businesses)


Federal OSHA states vs State Plan States

- Feds would run OSHA if the states didn't opt for the state plan states
- about half the states opted for a state plan states (to run OSHA themselves)
- Feds pay half, state pays other half
- if a state wants a state plan state, their standards have to be at least as strict as federal ones- most states simply adopt federal standards


Regional OSHA offices

- 10 regional offices
- each regional office has a regional administrator - has the responsibility to supervise, coordinate, evaluate, and execute all OSHA programs in the region


1990 Chicken plant fire

- people stealing chickens, so they locked back doors
-there was a fire, but ppl couldn't escape
- OSHA created an emphasis program from this to first ask about exits/emergency exits


Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC)

- quasi-judicial board of 3 members appointed by president and confirmed by senate
- is an independent federal agency
- sole function is to decide contests of citations/penalites
- may affirm, modify, or vacate OSHA's findings


2 levels of adjudication within OSHRC

- administrative law judges
- the 3 member commission has the final authority



- national institute of occupational safety and health
- created the same time as OSHA
- assigned to Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) under CDC in Atlanta
- primary role is to conduct occupational safety and health related research, education, and training


3 primary functions of NIOSH

- develop recommended occupational health and safety standards
- conduct research experiments and demonstrations related to OSH
- develop educational programs to provide an adequate supply of qualified personnel to carry out purposes of OSHAct


How many educational research centers (ERC's) are there, and what is ours called?

- 18
- The Deep South Occupational Health and Safety


Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

- assigned to DOL
- conducts surveys and compiles occupational injury and illness data
- publishes reports on injuries and illness experiences in Industry


OSHA requirement for record keeping for the BLS

OSHA requires companies with more than 10 employees to keep records for BLS


The National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH)

- 12 members
- advises the secretaries of DOL and HHS on the administration of the act


Standards Advisory Committee

- 15 members
- assists OSHA in development of standards


what are companies required to do (with respect to rights)

companies required to put up an OSHA "rights" poster so everyone knows their rights at work


who is governed under the OSHAct?

- organizations with 1 or more employees
- however, if there are 10 or fewer employees, the company is exempt from inspections and record keeping requirements


Who is exempt from OSHAct?

- self-employed individuals
- family farms employing only family members
- coal miners (MSHA)
- state and local governments
- federal agencies (but they are covered under another legislation - separate executive order issued by President)


variances from standards

- under certain circumstances an employer may request a variance from a particular standard
- 2 types of variances:
- permanent - if employer is providing equal to or greater safety than standard
- temporary - if employer cannot meet standard (lack of personnel, equipment, time to construct/alter facility), employer must state what is being done to protect workers from the specific hazard and how and when the employer expects to be able to come into compliance.


Role of SH&E Professional

- hold paramount the safety and health of employees
- ensure the employees get the education/training they need to perform job safely
- ensure that OSH policy and corresponding rules/regulations are enforced at workplace
- be impartial about safety and health decision (race, creed,etc)