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List 4 bad habits horses may exhibit during confinement or restriction of exercise?

Stall walking, fence walking, weaving, cribbing, wind sucking,tail and mane chewing wood chewing.


How long should a new horse ideally be isolated before being added to the herd?

14-21 days or 21 days


What kind of shoe is used to support a horse with navicular problem?

Egg bar shoe- supports rear portion of hoof pressure off the horses heel.


What is another name for a manufactured or preformed horseshoe?

Keg shoe


What is the term for a sterile female equine due to removal of ovaries?

Spayed mare


What is the term for a sterile male due to the removal of the testicles?



What is the term for a female horse that is unable to conceive or carry a foal because her ovaries have been surgically removed?

Spayed mare


What is the term for a newborn equine of either sex?



According to the Equine Science book, what are the five white color patterns?

White, grey, roan, paint/pinto and leopard


Name the eight sub-patterns included in the leopard white spotting pattern.

Mottled, frost, snowflake, varnish roan, speckled, blanket, leopard, few-spot leopard


What sensory defect is found in some splashed white horses?



Name 3 stages of a training program for an athletic horse.

initial stage, developmental stage, and maintenance stage


What is the basic idea of interval training?

will allow more intense work for longer total duration and it requires a higher percentage of muscle fibers and lactate production which will increase aerobic metabolism


What is neural learning?

It is part of the development stage of performance training and uses neuromuscular coordination to learn to perform the tasks efficiently


Information on a horse's complete set of records should include what 3 training details?

date of training; name of trainer; purpose of training; performance parameters


When matching horse to rider, what rule of thumb should be applied regarding knowledge and experience?

What one lacks, the other should have


What are the 5 most important factors in selecting an athletic performance horse?

conformation, oxygen intake ability, gain, heart size, and heart rate capacity, proportion of muscle fiber types


Describe traditional or middle-distance racehorse developmental training.

trotting and a slow lope or canter over a distance longer than the actual race everyday, and sprint 2-4 times a week


Describe what occurs during the maintenance stage of training performance horses during the
competition season?

shorter duration about one half then as competition gets closer intensity workouts


Describe workouts in the initial stage of a training program for mature, athletic horses?

long, slow, distance workouts for at least a month