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When rotating pastures how long should horses be removed from pastures before returning in order to maintain a good forage regrowth?

10-60 days

NOT at least 4 weeks


Name 2 types of lighting fixtures commonly found in the stable area.

Incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, Mercury and Quartz lights


What is the purpose of and anti sweat sheet?

Helps wick moisture away from the horses body after a heavy workout, sheet used to keep a sweating horse warm as he cools down from a workout preventing them fro getting chill.


What is fixed to the bridle or on a head covering and used to prevent a horse for looking anywhere but directly in front of him?

Blinkers/ blinders


Name 5 forms of doing business in horse ownership and management.

Sole proprietorship, partnership, syndicate, s Corp, regular Corp, limited liability corporation (LLC)


To prevent fighting over fences and discourage leaning, wood chewing, and cribbing, what should
be placed at the top of the fence?

one strand of smooth electric wire


A kink in the horse's tail and a bowed back mean what?

The horse is prepared to buck


A potential source of disease-producing organisms and ammonia in barns is caused by what two

keeping used bedding too near stalls or inside barns; removing used bedding less often than every 3 days


Name 5 components of desirable quality bedding.

absorbent; dust-free; not palatable; inexpensive; provide cushion; provide secure footing; easy to clean; readily available


When feeding horses in a group, why is knowing the group's pecking order important?

Feeding the horses in order of dominance (most dominant first, least dominant last) will help to avoid injuries to horses and people during feeding and helps keep order within the group.


The use of what 3 common devices can achieve adequate ventilation in barns and stables?

vents, windows, doors


When hay is fed in a feed bunk the horse will usually pull the hay out of the bunk and eat it from
the ground for what reason?

so they can see better what is going on around them


List 3 types of stall floors and state which one is the most popular?

clay; concrete; gravel/limestone; asphalt; tartan; rubber; sand; most popular is clay


What are 3 causes of thin horses?

Poor quality or inadequate amounts of forage; dental problems; parasites; high energy needs due to lactation or hard work; hot/humid weather which increases energy needs and decreases feed intake; chronic disease; horse being low in the pecking order when fed in a group


When stabling a horse, access to light and ventilation prevents what 2 conditions?

respiratory disease; stable vices


Name 3 sources of acceptable shelter in a pasture that are not man-made.

Trees, Brush, Boulders, Depressions or slopes in the land