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What is social facilitation?

Describes the tendency of people to perform at a different level based on the fact that others are around


What is deindividuation?

A loss of self awareness in large groups, which can lead to drastic changes in behavior


What is the bystander effect?

Describes the observation that when in a group, individuals are less likely to respond to a person in need


What is peer pressure?

Refers to the social influence placed on individuals by others they consider equals


What is group polarization?

The tendency toward making decisions in a group that are more extreme then the thoughts do the individual group members


What is groupthink?

The tendency for groups to make decisions based on ideas and solutions that arise within the group without considering outside ideas. Ethics may be disturbed as pressure is created to conform and remain loyal to the group


What is culture?

Describes the beliefs, ideas, behaviors, actions, and characteristics of a group or society of people


Describe assimilation

The process by which a group or individuals culture begins to melt into another culture


What is multiculturalism?

Refers to the encouragement of multiple cultures within a community to enhance diversity


What are subcultures?

Refer to a group of people within a culture that distinguish themselves from the primary culture to which they belong


What is socialization?

The process of developing and spreading norms, customs, and beliefs


What are norms?

They determine the boundaries of acceptable behavior within society


What is stigma?

Extreme disapproval or dislike of a person or group based on perceived differences from the rest of society


What is deviance?

Refers to any violation of norms, rules, or expectations within a society


What is conformity?

Conformity is changing beliefs or behaviors in order to fit into a group or society


What is compliance?

Occurs when individuals change their behavior based on the requests of others.


What is obedience?

A change in behavior based on a command from someone seen as an authority figure


What are attitudes?

Tendencies toward expression of positive or negative feelings or evaluations of something


What is the functional attitudes theory?

States that there are four functional areas of attitudes that serve individuals in life: knowledge, ego expression, adaptability, and ego defense


What is the learning theory of behavior?

States that attitudes are developed through forms of learning: direct contact, direct interaction, direct instruction and conditioning


What is the social cognitive theory?

States that attitudes are formed through observation of behavior, personal favorite, and environment