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lapis lazuli

A beautiful blue stone used to adorn jewelry



modern Sudan.



Foreign invaders that were nomads from Palestine that invaded the Middle Kingdom



professional soldiers hired to serve in a foreign country


What are the 3 major time periods of Ancient Egypt

Old Kingdom
Middle Kingdom
New Kingdom


How did Egypt's geography contribute to the development of a highly organized central government

It was easy for officials to keep tabs on the string of communities that lined the single central highway of the Nile River


How did the prospering economy help with the development of professions

Men could do other jobs than just farming. They could be ship builders, architects, artists, priests, etc


What did the Egyptians trade with the people of Byblos (a city in modern day Lebanon)

cedar wood to build boats and the roofs of temples and palaces


What did Egyptians trade with the Syrians

lapis lazuli


What did the Egyptians trade with the Nubians

luxury items like gold, ivory, panther skins, and slaves


What was the Sinai a source of for the Egyptians

copper- that could be melted down into tools and weapons. It was also a source of turquoise stones.


Why did the Egyptians distrust foreigners

1. their customs and appearance were different from their own
2. They thought everyone living outside of Egypt was inferior to them (since the Nile was the center of the Earth- created by gods).
3. Most Egyptians did not travel- and they received wrong reports about other cutlures from soldiers and merchants


What is cuneiform

A kind of writing invented by the Sumerians. The Egyptians used this concept of writing to create their own written language


What were pyramids

huge stone monuments that were the major achievement in architecture associated with the Old Kingdom


Why is the Old Kingdom considered an intellectual highpoint of Egyptian civilization

There were many achievements in architecture, math, and science


List 3 reasons Egypt weakened in the Old Kingdom

1. a large amount of the royal treasury was spent on building and maintaining pyramids and temples
2. many members of the upper class (like priests and nobility) avoided paying their fair share of taxes
3. as the population grew, the pharaoh delegated more of his power to the nomarchs- who began to be more independent