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the sky god, the most important Greek god



god of the sea



god of vegetation



Greek storytellers



a walled fortress



excessive pride



a Greek word meaning "rule by the people"



the Greece's greatest bard. History's first great poet. He wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey



a greek word meaning "new stone age"



a greek word meaning "old stone age"



a large beast that was half-man and half-bull.


describe the major geographical features of Greece

mountainous peninsula that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea.
Size of New York state.
rocky coast over 2,000 miles long
lots of bays and harbors
2 major areas: the south is Peloponnese and is connected to the north half of Greece by a narrow land strip called the Isthmus Corinth


Why did sea trade develop in ancient Greece

the Greeks wanted to exchange their goods for goods from other peoples- like gold, ivory, precious stones, obsidian, lapis lazuli, etc


what 4 things bonded the Greeks

similar customs


how did the mountain terrain influence the development of self government

the mountains and seas formed imposing barriers that made travel difficult and isolated the communities from each other


what are some of the things that Sir Arthur Evans discovered in Crete

the remains of King Minos' palace- including the oldest throne ever found
clay pipes that linked the palace to mountain streams- aquaducts (plumbing)
paintings and art showing Egyptian style
an ancient form of Greek writing- linear A and B
the labyrinth of the Minotaur
milk stones


what did Evans conclude about the paintings of the slim-waisted youths on the walls of the Egyptian tombs built around 1550BCE and the fresco of young men on the walls of the Minoan palace- and was were they proof of

that there were Keftiu-(island people) that were the Minoan traders who came to Egypt to trade with the Egyptians. This was proof of trade relations between Egypt and Crete


what is the legend of the Minotaur?

He was a half man/half bull thought to live in an underground labyrinth under the palace of King Minos.
It was thought King Aegus of Athens killed a son of Minos in battle. To avenge his death, Minos ordered the Athenians to send 14 young men and women to Crete every 9 years- these people were locked in the labyrinth and the Minotaur ate them. One year, Theseus (son of Aegus) asked to be sent as a tribute and he went to Crete. He fell in love with Ariadne (daughter on Minos). She gave him a magic ball of twine to guide him through the labyrinth. Theseus triumphed and killed the Minotaur.


Cultural borrowing is when one civilization borrows ideas from another civilization. What did the Mycenaens borrow from the Minoans?

they borrowed the Minoan craftmanshio in the style of making weapons, jewelry and armor.
They also borrowed the concept of writing- most important


Why was the empire of Mycenae so powerful

They were more war-like than the Minoans. the Myceneans were also very good traders and became very wealthy. they had good ships and controlled important water-ways.


What kind of writing was Linear B writing and why was it found on the Island of Crete

The Minoans introduced the concept of writing to the Myceneans. The Minoan writing was called Linear A. The Myceneans adapted this to their own language- called Linear B. this type of writing was found on Crete because the Myceneans conquered Crete.


Why was Hellespont important? What is its modern name?

The modern name is Dardanelles.
It is a the entrance to a straight that is important strategically- the people who are there control the Black Sea trade route and can charge fees to ships passing through.


What is the main reason the Dorians were able to defeat the Greeks

The Dorians were more ferocious and had weapons made of iron- which were stronger than the bronze weapons of the Greeks


What are 2 things that happened as a result of the Dorian invasion that caused historians to consider this the Dark Ages of Greece

Dorians had no interest in art and writing- the written language of Greece died out
All sea trade came to a stop (the Dorians were not sea men). Greece was not as rich as it had been when it was trading with others


According to Home- what caused the Trojan War?

Paris (a prince of Troy) selects the goddess of love and beauty as the most beautiful. She rewards hime with the love of Helen. Helen is married to Menelaus- king of Sparta in the Peloponnese. Paris goes to Sparta and takes Helen away. When Menelaus finds out that Helen is gone- he gets help from other Greek kings and attacks Troy. The war lasted 10 years


Who was Achilles and what was his greatest wish

Achilles was the greatest warrior in the Greek army. He is very tempermental. When he learned that Agamemmnon took one of Achilles slave girls- he gets mad and does not want to fight in the Trojan War.
Achilles greatest wish is to achieve glory- to die nobly on the field of battle and be remembered for his valor.


What was Odysseus" clever plan to end the Trojan War?

He was the king of the Greek island of Ithaca. He ordered the Greeks to build a huge wooden horse and place it outside the Trojan city and then pretend to sail home. The Trojans thought it was a peace offering and took it onto the city. When the Trojans were asleep- the Greeks came out , opened the gates for the other soldiers and killed most of the Trojans, destroyed the city and brought Helen home.


How long did it take Odysseus to return home

10 years