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Explain the purpose of the Lecture-Demonstration section of the Course Goals.

The purpose of the lecture section of this class is to learn about the individualities of the organisms that we are studying and using in the application portion of this class.


Explain the purpose of the Application section of the Course Goals.

The purpose of the application section of this class is to study, hands-on, the use of the study of microorganisms and teach students what to look for and learn to do it on our own


List the 3 Course End Competencies that are the most important to you.

The three most important end goals of this class include: knowing the role of microorganisms in healthcare, how to control “unwanted microorganisms,” and how microorganisms affect us in our everyday lives.


What is the definition of Sustainability?

The definition of sustainability is, “working to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of today without compromising those of future generations.” This means that the way we live, how we dispose of our goods, and what goods we use and dispose of will be healthy for the environment and not destroy it.


Why do you think credit cannot be given for lab assignments if the student is absent?

Credit cannot be given to a student if he or she is not present in the lab because there is no way that he or she could possibly know the answer to the question if they were not in the lab to see it themselves.


What are the 6 types of academic dishonesty?

Cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, deception, sabotage, and work from another class are all included in the academic dishonesty section.


What are the 2 types of Online Resources?

Some online resources for this class include: and videos online on the different subjects.


Why do the labs have to be read before class?

Reading the labs before class is critical because there is a lot to do within the class period and not a lot of time to do it, so reading the labs beforehand helps you understand. Also, by reading the labs beforehand, you can ask questions if needed.


Where should textbooks and purses be kept during lab?

Textbooks, purses, and personal belongings should always be out of the way underneath the table or on the shelves in the lab table so nothing gets on them and they are not in the way.


Where should chairs be placed before you leave the lab room?

Before leaving the lab room, chairs need to be fully under the lab table and out of the way of people passing by.


Why do you think bacterial cultures cannot be removed from the lab?

I think that bacteria cultures should not be taken from the classroom because people do not have the supplies that are in the lab to study these cultures and if they are taken out, you do not want them to be harmful or used in the wrong way.


How should the test tube be labeled?

The information that should be labeled on the test tube includes: the person’s initials, the date, what is in the test tube, and what experiment it is being used for.


What are the steps to clean oil off of the microscope?

To clean oil off of the microscope, you must use a lens paper, followed by an alcohol wipe, and finish it off using a lens paper again.


What is the final day to drop the class with a “W” grade?

The last day to drop the class to receive a “W” on transcripts is Sunday, April 13, 2014.


What is the policy if you need to use the cell phone?

According to the policy, when a cell phone is in use, they must only be used in the hallway and not in the lab room.


What should be included in the subject line of all e-mail correspondence?

When sending an email to the instructor, the course and section number of the class along with what the email is pertaining to must be included in the subject of the email.


What percentage is necessary to earn an

A= 90%
a. B=80%
b. C=70%


What is required to receive extra credit?

In order to receive extra credit in this course, students must fully fill out the answers on the unit objectives worksheet and submit them online by the due date.


What is the procedure if you cannot take an exam when scheduled?

When an exam cannot be taken on its scheduled date, the final exam grade will not only count for the final exam grade, but also for the one missing test grade, too.


What is the penalty for late labs?

According to the syllabus, no late work is accepted for any type of work.