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1. Definition of Target

Target is anything of military, economic, political, or psychological value that has been nominated or validated to be attacked for purpose of destruction, degradation, removal or surveillance


2. Definition of Target Complex

Major element of a target subsystem. A complex consist of related facilities in activities that are located in the same general vicinity. (i.e port, Airfields, generating plants, etc)


3. Definition of Target system

A diverse and synchronized apparatus that provides a specific product or service, often over a wide geographical area


4. What are the three examples of target system?

Bulk electrical power supply, bulk petroleum supply, and mass communications


5. Definition of target acquisition

Part of combat intelligence. Identification and locations of targets for the purpose of the evaluation, analysis, and employment of unconventional forces for target destruction


6. Definition of target evaluation

The examination of targets to determine their military, economic or psychological importance and their relative priority of attack


7. What does CARVER stand for?



8. What is criticality?

the target value. A target is critical when its destruction or damage has a significant impact on the output of the targeted system


9. What is Accessibility?

The ease with target can be reached, either physically or by fire. A target is accessible when an action element can physically infiltrate the target, or can be hit by direct or indirect fire


10. What needs to be considered when evaluating accessibility?

The use of standoff weapon should always be considered. Survivability of the attacker is usually most closely correlated to ta target’s accessibility


11. What is Recuperability?

A measure of the time required to replace, repair, or bypass the destruction or damage inflicted on the target


12. What factors influence the recuperability?

a) Sources and age of the targeted components
b) Availability of spare parts
c) Existence of economic embargoes
d) Technical resources of the enemy nation


13. What is Vulnerability?

A measure of the ability of the action element to damage the target using available asset (both material and human asset)


14. What factors influence the Vulnerability?

a) The nature and construction of the target
b) The amount of damage required
c) Availability of asset (manpower, equipment, transportation, and etc)


15. What is effect on the population?

Positive or negative influence on the population as a result of the action take. Effect considers public reaction in the vicinity of the target. Consider the domestic, and international reaction as well


16. What is recognizability?

The degree to which a target can be recognized under varying weather, light, and seasonal conditions without confusion with other target


17. Definition of strategic target

Targets that are identified because their effect on nation’s economy, defense and capabilities


18. Definition of Tactical target

Targets that will have a direct impact on the military


19. Definition of Confidence target

Targets that may be destroyed or interdicted with a high rate of success


20. Definition of targets of opportunities

Targets which were not targeted and the success is with the attacking element


21. Definition of Interdiction

To destroy, Cut, damage, stop or hamper an enemy’s support system with the use of explosives or small arms fire