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This man lobbied for independent boards for osteopaths and supported "pure" osteopathy.

Arthur Hildreth


These three brothers wanted all medical science and surgery included in ASO curriculum and went on to found ACOS (now Midwestern University).

The Littlejohn Brothers (J. Martin, James, and David)


This woman was the first to introduce research into osteopathy.

Louisa Burns


This sect of osteopathy did not believe in use of drugs or additional therapies, only manipulation.

"Lesion" osteopaths


This sect of osteopathy desired the incorporation of all sciences in to their practice. Members of this group included S.L. Taylor, James Littlejohn, and George Still.

"Broad" osteopaths


This organization promoted higher standards in academic research, supported "broad" osteopathy, and mandated a four year curriculum for osteopathic medical education.

American Osteopathic Association (AOA)


This act/rule required the exclusion of DO's from allopathic hospitals and training programs.

"Standardization of Hospitals"


This act gave more money for the construction and renovation of hospitals, which led to easier and more construction of osteopathic hospitals.

Hill-Burton Act of 1946


This problematic time led to the merger of DO and MD associations in California. DO's became "little md's", and the AMA openly attempted to destroy the AOA in other parts of the country as a result.

"The California Debacle"